Mar 16, 2016

The iPhone Isn’t Always The Best Option (iPhone 6 Alternatives)

iPhone 6 Alternatives

iPhone 6 Alternatives

So in this article, I will be putting other flagships smartphones, head to head with the iPhone 6 Plus to show that the iPhone isn’t always the best option. Most everyday people just assume that the iPhone is the best phone because of its name and that’s it’s made by apple. Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to hate on the iPhone 6 as it definitely is a fantastic phone that’s going to sell millions. But, you do have other options that you may have chosen if you knew about them. And, that is the point of this article as I am going to talk about some great and better alternatives to the iPhone 6.


One Plus One

Option 1 is definitely the One Plus One! Now this phone, without a doubt, is the best phone out there in the market today. This phone has a 5.5 inch display with a 1080p full HD resolution. It’s packed with Snapdragon 801 processor and 3 GB of RAM, which absolutely smokes the Apple A8 chip. One Plus one also has Cyanogen mod installed (Android), which is possibly the best Smartphone operating system ever produced. And, this is all without mentioning that this phone only costs $299 off contract. For a little bit of comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus costs $750 bucks off contract. And, this is why this phone one of my favorite candidate for iPhone 6 Alternatives.  Read the One Plus One comparison article here.

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Galaxy Note 4

Second on the list of iPhone 6 alternatives is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 is almost the same price as the iPhone 6, but it provides you with much more features. It offers a 5.7 inch screen with a 1440p resolution, a Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 processor and a 16 megapixel camera. And, most importantly and unlike the iPhone 6 Plus, you get that built in S-Pen, which definitely differentiate this phone from others.

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The last phone I want to talk about is the LG G3. Now, this is a fantastic phone and one of the best on the Android side. And, one of its main features is the stunning 2K display that has a pixel density above 500 ppi (RIP Retina HD). The size of the display is also 5.5 inches which looks gorgeous. Even though this phone has a big screen but the thin bezels make it an extremely compact phone that makes it easy to hold and use on one hand. Read my full review of the LG G3 here.

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And, a misconception … 

I know a big reason why people tend to go with the iPhone; they think that iOS 8 from the inside is the best OS that you can get and that it’s clean, simple and fast. But, it’s just not true! This was used to be the case back then in 2010 and 2011 and probably that’s why that logic exists. But, trust me guys now it’s almost 2015 and in my opinion, Android caught up with iOS in the beginning of 2013 with the release of some flagship devices like the HTC One and Nexus 5, with Android 4.4 KitKat. And, since then, Android has past iOS as the best operating system on the phone. Well, evidence on this can be found in iOS 8 itself as a lot of the new features in iOS 8 (e.g. the Swipe Keyboard) have existed in Android for quite a long time. Plus, every single iPhone looks exactly the same because you simply cannot customize it the way you customize an Android phone with widgets, different launchers and themes, and icon packs. Once again, I am not trying to hate on the iPhone or the iOS as it is a fantastic OS and a lot of people just like it.


Well, these were some of the reasons why the iPhone is not always the best option. Do consider these iPhone 6 alternatives before buying the new beloved iPhone 6.

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