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Mar 16, 2016

iOS 7.1 - What's New, worth an upgrade ?

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ios 7.1

iOS 7.1

Apple announces the update for the iOS on Monday 10th March 2014. The version carries the name iOS 7.1 and packs along some noticeable changes compared to the previous version of iOS. The changes beautify the user experience and make the overall UI look a lot better than before. So lets get to the point.


What’s New?

The first and foremost feature to look out for is the added support for CarPlay for iPhone 5 and above. If you want details on car play you can click on the link.


The minimalistic look on the iOS has been improved and the call buttons have a change in look. I am deeply impressed by the look and feel of the new dialer, I must admit. Here are some pictures showing what it feels like. ( Picture credits to my friend Harris ).


ios 7.1 dialer


The rounded look seems to look rather nice in this new update. Other than that the look for incoming calls look refined as well. There is a new look to the “Remind Me” and “Message” button, its more of like a transparent icon rather than a block.


ios call




One of the biggest added changes come with Siri. This is one of the unique improvements that no other mobile OS currently possess. You now have the ability to download different voices of Siri with a range of languages to choose from. So your personal assistant now has added language support on board. Other than that users can now hold down the home button and decide for how long they want Siri to listen to them, it only listens for the time you hold the home button. This reduces error and improves accuracy of Siri.

A picture from apple’s website summarises the whole point.


ios 7.1


Siri is one of the features I would admire apple for. I am not really satisfied by Google Now on android and the fact that it lacks a lot of features that Siri can perform. Its good to know that Siri gets even better. The ability to choose a voice for your PA is a thumbs up for apple.



Not much of a big deal but since we are discussing the changes might as well state this one.


iOS 7.1 Buttons


The buttons as shown above now have a more rounded rectangular look to them in iOS 7.1.


Calendar App

You might be thinking why I specially make mention of such a standard app over here. I find it necessary to mention here that the new calendar app in iOS 7.1 is epic.


ios 7.1 calendar

Apart from the new month view, the calendar app is capable of syncing dates with some of your national events or holidays. So it automatically creates an event for the upcoming national holiday or event depending on where you live. So it is more of like a regional based calendar. This is something that I really found appealing in iOS 7.1 because yet again such a thing does not exist else where.


Camera and others

The camera feature would only be available for iPhone 5s owners. It basically automatically takes an HDR picture for you, not sure how that may be something helpful because every situation does not require a HDR. Other than that the control centre looks less bulging and you now have the ability to disable parallax effect on wallpapers. There is also added developer options support that is hidden somewhere in the settings for apps like Safari. The music app has a slight UI change but that is not too noticeable.


If I have missed something out, a picture of the official changelog should sum it up.


ios 7.1 changelog


Apple is making considerable effort to make the user interface better. iOS 7.1 proves that as well, if only we had open source support like android there is no doubt that apple would buy of a huge market of android users.