Mar 16, 2016

Infamous Second Son Review, The best of it's genre ?

infamous second son

Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son is the third entry to the infamous series previously available on Ps3. This title however is going to be Ps4 exclusive and it has already gained a lot of attention among the playstation fans.

Infamous Second Son falls under the genre of “Open World Games”, not that you are not familiar with it but I want to discuss whether if it is the best of its genre and what other alternatives would Xbox One and PC gamers have. Truth be told infamous second son would be one of the reasons people might buy a Playstation 4. The game is set to release on 20th March 2014.


The Gameplay

You play as Delsin, a ‘Conduit’, which has the ability to manipulate things in the environment with his super powers. You have a huge open world for you to explore with a bunch of side missions at hand. You also have the ability to move in through air vents to travel around buildings and use it to your advantage to kill people. You can travel through gates as a mist of flame and kill your enemy or fly around. Parkour movements are also your character’s special ability.

There is a great deal of physics involved in the gameplay, if you have not seen the gameplay demo you should definitely give it a watch here. So you can use the environment at max which includes destroying towers, bridges or anything. Hence, the gameplay is interactive and the situation is not a set plot with possible depictive situations.


infamous second son gameplay


The main power of the gameplay is with the superpowers our character is able to use in infamous second son. Here is a quote on the game that I found on Polygon.

“Science fiction is often about exploring political or ideological or philosophical ideas in a remote way,” Griesemer says, “because it’s obviously not true. It felt like a video game about a guy with superpowers was also a good way to investigate some real-world issues.”


Here is my favourite gameplay screenshot for Infamous Second Son.


infamous second son gameplay


Credit to Gamespot.


Games of the same Genre

There have already been games around like Infamous Second Son. Apart from the infamous series of course, the best title would be Prototype. Here also you had the whole world available to you, you could drive vehicles, you could take the form of any being on the road, you had those great powers at hand and you could fly around. It was a great title of its genre, the screenshot that I am going to show you now is epic.


Prototype 2


Notice anything similar between the screenshot (PC) of a game from 2012 and Infamous Second Son ?.


Prototype 2 is one of the best examples to match with the sony exclusive title for the ps4.


Xbox One Owner ?

So if you happen to be a Xbox One owner you could either weep around for not being able to play Infamous Second Son or simply wait for a possible release of games like Prototype 3.


So what exactly makes Infamous Second Son Special ?

Well I personally do not own a Playstation 4, but certainly do feel a little jealous about Infamous Second Son being a Playstation 4 exclusive. This is my opinion why the game stands out from the heap of games available in its genre.

The Graphics.

The visuals of this game are extremely stunning and them being for a console, I could well imagine them if they were there on a PC.


What makes the game more epic is undoubtedly its storyline. The infamous series follows a great storyline which makes the game a unique among the others alike.


The gameplay tactics are yet again one of its type with endless amounts of possibilities of destruction and chaos. The physics integration in the open world is just perfect, the casual and non depictive situations make the game feel more epic.

The fact that it is a ps4 exclusive.

Sounds like a stupid one here, but it is a fact that all exclusive playstation titles have been epic. I have always wanted to try out Uncharted series, Last of Us and the Infamous series. Playstation exclusive titles are best optimized for the PS and use the full potential of its hardware. This stands out as one of the reasons to make Infamous Second Son a must have title.



This is a toughy to conclude, I am still uncertain to claim this title as one of the best of its genre but no doubt that it is an awaited title and certainly one of its kind. So lets wait up till 20th March 2014.

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