Mar 16, 2016

How to watch 3D Movies on PC

Watch 3D Cheap
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3D movies can be a lot of fun to watch. However, not everyone has the necessary expensive equipment needed in order to watch a 3D movie. So I was able to find a way on “How to watch 3D Movies on PC”. The process is as simple as it sounds.

The method we have used here is the old school “3D Anaglyph Method“. If you care to know, this very method of 3D splits the movie into two different colours (usually Red and Blue). Each colour is intercepted by one eye and together our mind is able to create a 3D illusion. The effect is 100% same as you would watch in a 3D cinema with certain limitations listed later.


How to watch 3D Movies on PC. Explained.


What is needed ?

  • Anaglyph glasses (Red/Cyan preffered). You can buy them very cheap, prices ranging from 0.5$3$.
  • KM Player (Needed to convert 3D Movies).


Now I shall explain in simple steps “How to watch 3D Movies on PC”.

Well the first part is self explanatory. You buy the glasses and you wear them before watching a movie.


First you need to download KM- Player, Download Link: KM-Player.

After you have done that. You will need to have a 3D movie downloaded with you. Now simply open that 3D movie using KM-Player and press the 3D button in the bottom left corner.


How to watch 3D movies on PC

How to watch 3D movies on PC


What this does is that it converts 3D SBS into 3D Anaglyph mode so that you can watch your movies with your cheap 3$ setup.

Next for the best possible result choose the following settings. Simply right click on your player and choose the 3D settings as Red/Cyan – Half Colour for the best possible result.


How to watch 3D movies on PC

How to watch 3D movies on PC


Nothing further needs to be done, so just sit back and enjoy your 3D movie.



Though the method is quite cheap on “How to watch 3D Movies on PC”, it has its limitations that are needed to be mentioned here.

  • It is an obsolete method.
  • The colours in movies at places might seem to appear black and white. That is because only the colour combinations possible with Red/Cyan are simulated. This was one of the reasons why this method became obsolete.


The limitations in my opinion are not much of an issue if you want to experience 3D in a very cheap price with your standard PC. One more thing that I want to mention is that it works with any kind of monitor or LCD or LED and does not require a special 3D supported screen. The results are the same as you would experience in a cinema (except for a few deleted colours). Nevertheless, its something worth a shot or else do keep a tight schedule on watching 3D movies in a cinema when they are released.

You could also hook up your laptop with your standard TV with HDMI or DVI or VGA input and watch 3D anaglyph movies on your TV as well.

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