Mar 16, 2016

Heart Rate Monitor - Without A Sensor

heart rate monitor

Heart Rate Monitor For Android And iOS

One of the new and fancy features of the Galaxy S5 is their heart rate sensor. Which gives you the pulse rate by putting your finger on the sensor. The good news is that you can do this with your smartphone as well without the need of a built in heart rate sensor.

This is achieved by a unique algorithm which uses the camera of your phone to monitor changes in blood flow of your index finger. It then shows calibrated values of your heart beat correspondingly. I can personally assure you that these heart rate monitor apps work best on both Android and iOS.


Instant Heart Rate

heart rate monitor


Instant heart rate is one of the most accurate and perfect apps to monitor your pulse. Simply put your index finger on your camera covering the flash as well. The app then gives you your pulse rate and acts as a heart rate monitor. It is quick and in my opinion works better than any other apps available in the market. However, make sure your finger is not cold while trying to measure pulse rate. That can lead to inaccurate results.


Download it on iTunes here:

Get it on Google Play here:


Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor


Runtastic needs no mention when it comes to fitness apps. They are well known for making excellent apps in the health and fitness category. Their heart rate monitor works in a similar fashion like stated above and gives accurate results. Though I have had trouble at times with this app not starting my flash. Here is a list of features unique to this app.

  • Measure your pulse with the camera on your smartphone
  • See your HRM results in a graph
  • Variety of different, instant measurement types: resting HR, maximum HR, and HR before/after cardio
  • Upload, store, and analyze your exercise results on the runtastic fitness site,
  • Share your HRM results via your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and E-mail


Download it on iTunes here:

Get it on Google Play here:


Some people have given idiotic feedback regarding these apps. They say that you can get a heart rate even if the phone is placed on a table. You need to understand that these apps monitor light flow and give calibrated values of pulse rate. I use these apps to monitor my pulse rate when I workout and both of them have given me accurate results.

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