Mar 16, 2016

Activate Guest mode for Android

guest mode for android

We always come across situations when some of our friends might need our mobile phone. They might need it for an urgent call mostly. Now it would be annoying if he took your phone and misused or stalk around your personal/confidential data. You might have worked hard on making your homescreen look cool to you and at the end your friend just messes it around annoying you even more.

You would always feel uncomfortable because there is no workaround to limit your guests to use only the dialer and nothing else.

Currently, I would only discuss the guest mode for android and would later share with you the guest mode for your iPhone as well. There is no out of the box solution for any smartphone for a guest mode. Similar is the case of guest mode for android. So here is a third party workaround.


Obstructor: Guest mode for Android

The name of the app is “Obstructor”. The tool is designed by the xda forum member obstructor.

The app restricts usage of your android smartphone to a dialer alone. Every soft or hard key that may be present on your android smartphone gets disabled and you alone will be able to use it. Hence, giving you the correct guest mode for android.

Once the guest is done making a call, the app directs you to a password screen. Without the password further access to the mobile gets restricted. The app should work for the time you require it to be there. As trying to quit the application also requires a password so any attempt made by the guest is of no use. When not in use the phone operates as usual.

The default password is set to “1234”, so make sure you change it once you download the app.


How to Use:

  •  If someone asks to use your phone to call someone, open Avanos and press the home button. If a dialog opens, check “Use by default for this action” and choose “Obstructer”. The user is now locked into the app and cannot access other phone features by pressing the home button or the back button. If nothing happens, the phone is locked.
  •  When the user ends his/her phone call, a password dialog will open. Enter your password. If correct, a message will appear saying “Phone is now unlocked.” and will go back to the dialer. You can now press the home button to return the phone to normal use. If the password entered is not correct, a message will appear saying “Incorrect Password”.


According to some playstore reviews on the app, there are still some bugs present in the app. However, the app is by an open source developer and it is in its initial stages. The idea for the app is appealing and should certainly server as a useful tool. For it is one of the few working apps to provide a guest mode for android.

The app is free to download on the playstore along with a paid version without ads.

Download Obstructor.