Mar 16, 2016

Rumor: GTA V PC Release Date 2014

GTA V PC Release Date

Where the console gamers have already finished playing GTA V and enjoyed the multiplayer, the PC gamers still await the game’s release. GTA V was released around mid September 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360. It was one of the biggest hit and rockstar games was able to get the honour of the fastest selling game. However, it was quite disappointing for the PC gamers not to have any official news on its release date.


GTA V PC release date as of our latest known rumor can be expected in coming March 2014.


I myself am a passionate PC gamer but to be honest the temptation to play this game is actually quite less now as compared to the previous year. Another foolish attempt I believe was made on UbiSoft’s part. They delayed the release of Watch Dogs, another title all gamers have been awaiting. There only reason was that it was not wise enough to release it along with the heavily successful GTA V. I believe that would be wrong because if Watch Dogs would have released now it had a greater chance to boost its sales for PC gamers and at a later date it was obvious that the console gamers would also buy it.


All the delay in GTA V PC release date is not only annoying for the PC gamers themselves but is also a matter of shame for ROCKSTAR GAMES. For they have let down a huge part of the gaming enthusiasts community.

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