Mar 16, 2016

GTA 5 First Person Mod Delayed PC Release?


GTA 5 For PC

We all, specifically the PC gaming community are well aware of the fact that how much GTA 5 was delayed for release. At first none of us actually believed that the game would ever come for PC. I did make mention of its release in my previous articles but people thought it was bogus news. GTA 5 is set to release for PC on 27 January 2015. The date is even ahead of next-gen consoles.


GTA 5 First Person Mod

gta 5 first person mod


Apart from the superior graphics offered in the next-gen console and PC release for GTA 5 there is an added feature of First Person Mod, which allows the user to experience GTA 5 in first person view when ever he likes.

Rockstar made a smart move to add an additional feature or else the majority who had already played the game on their old consoles might not buy it for their new consoles just to experience better visuals (which has never been a problem for console gamers).


PC Release Delayed

This is entirely my personal opinion but many of you might agree with it. If a game comes out on PC it has a lot of room for customization from modding communities. The most famous example would be of Skyrim and GTA 4. Both these games were heavily modded and even till this day the modding community is busy bringing up new mods.

So back to the point, here is a picture of GTA 4 having a first person mod created by the modding community.


gta 4 first person mod


My point is that, if GTA 5 would have come out along with PS3 and Xbox 360, the modding community would easily have created a GTA 5 first person mod. It was also likely that the PC release would have gotten superior graphics over the old gen consoles. This could have stolen the selling point from Rockstar Studios and it certainly would not have been cool to add in an official GTA 5 first person mod later on. Hence, to make sure their future sales were not affected they delayed the release of GTA 5 for PC.

That is what I personally believe, do share your point of view on this.

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