Mar 16, 2016

Google Project Ara - The Modular Smartphone

google project ara beta

The Google Project Ara

Google has reportedly been working on a modular smartphone project, codenamed as the “Project Ara”.

If you have been saving up for a good smartphone and still not sure whether if your new phone will be worth it after a month ? Then you might like the idea behind project Ara.


Think of the mobile as a bunch of Lego pieces. You sort the ones you like and attach them together to get what you like. The same is the case with project Ara. The modular smartphone will come with a bunch of different modules of hardware which can simply be attached on the smartphone by a layman to get your android phone.


Bored of your current hardware or don’t think your phone is fast enough anymore ? Then you don’t have to buy a whole new mobile again and simply buy the desired module you want to upgrade your phone.

Project Ara starts at a cheap price of only fifty dollars ($50). This obviously could be the price of a simple module, how snappy you want your mobile to be adds into the price. But starting from $50 for sort of a nexus device is not a bad bargain at all.


Project Ara Release Date

Google is working on a functional prototype which should be done with in a few months. The phone is expected to go into production and be available for you to purchase in the first quarter of 2015.


Different versions of Project Ara

The modular smartphone will be available in three different sizes. Small, medium,jumbo. So you have the option to decide which modular smartphone you would like. However, the size or the component attached with the screen would not be the one that would actually be customizable.

You will be able to add your modules on your desired size.

The modules will be securely locked with a mechanism on the phone and can only be deattached through an app specifically designed for it. So don’t think that the pieces will fall off in your pocket or break away when the phone falls down.



Google Project Ara

Sliding the modules on your phone.


The modular smartphone would be roughly 10mm thick after all the modules are attached. Not very thin as compared to some of the recent entries into the smartphone market but considering the endless possibilities of customization … I don’t see size being a problem.

The modules for this phone will not be built by specific companies but would be sort of open source. There will be a lot manufacturers working on the attachable modules and what this means is that there will be a huge variety of modules available to the users.

The enclosure of each module can also be customized by simply printing out your enclosure through a 3D module.


Google Project Ara

Printed enclosures


So many customizations have never been available for any smartphone before. Your preffered looks and buttery feeling of a nexus device all together in one place.

The simple $50 version might only have WiFi capability and no cellular service available. This is just the basic, like I explained earlier how you want your device to be depends on you. So let us wait for the next year and get a hands on the very first modular smartphone. There is no need to get carried away on the price for now though, there are no news on how much might each module cost which adds up into the total price of project ara. The technology, however, is unique and Google is likely to target a huge market from it.

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