Mar 16, 2016

Google Project Ara Beta Testing Announced

google project ara beta

Google Project Ara Beta

A few months back I talked about Google’s upcoming modular smartphone the ‘Project Ara‘. Google will now be sending 100 of these modular smartphones to beta testers around the world.

This means that you can not sign up for it now and be among the 100 lucky people. The Project Ara beta would reach the 100 subscribers from their scouts program. They would be getting the phone for free.

Google does claim that a lot still needs to be done and it would take around 8 months till we finally see Project Ara in the market. Project Ara for me is one of the most awaited smartphones. It would undoubtedly be one of the most customizable handset one can buy.


Different versions of Project Ara

The modular smartphone will be available in three different sizes. Small, medium,jumbo. So you have the option to decide which modular smartphone you would like. However, the size or the component attached with the screen would not be the one that would actually be customizable.

You will be able to add your modules on your desired size.

The modules will be securely locked with a mechanism on the phone and can only be deattached through an app specifically designed for it. So don’t think that the pieces will fall off in your pocket or break away when the phone falls down.


The best of all you can buy this smartphone for a price as low as $50 … what else can one desire ?

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