Mar 16, 2016

Google Now Integrates Third Party Apps

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Google Now

Google Now has been around for quite some while now. For those of you who don’t know, its the app integrated in your Google search for Android devices with 4.1+. It displays notifications in the form of cards stacked one after the other.

Previously, it included only important stuff like weather updates, flight details or scores from your favourite sport. All of the information was provided from google search results in the form of card stacks.

However, now notifications from some of your favourite apps will be pushed onto Google Now.

Supported Apps

The supported apps for now are 40 in number and you can check them out here. It includes some notable apps such as shazam, ebay and airbnb.

Everything is integrated beautifully in the same Google’s minimal manner.


Google Now Third Party Apps


You don’t have to set anything up. If these apps are present in your phone the notifications will be pushed to your Google Now cards. It can come in handy specially if you are using the Google Now launcher with swipe for Google Now enabled. An example of what the notifications could look like is shown above. You can see how airbnb displays its notification in the form of stacks, just what you would expect out of a minimal design.

Notifications will work location based. So say you are near a restaurant, an app offering deals would push notifications to your Google Now to display deals on nearby restaurants. The functionality and supported apps will obviously increase overtime.

Google does assure that no user data will be handed over to the third party apps and that Google Now it self will be triggering location based notifications from third party apps.

Some people are showing concern over the third party support thinking that it may lead to their personal information being leaked, however, in my opinion its a safe play. You will get a hands on experience with this functionality on your android device by this month. iPhones are out of the league for now.

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