Mar 16, 2016

Gameboy 25th Birthday - Thank You Nintendo !

gameboy 25th birthday

25 Years of Gameboy

So today is Gameboy 25th Birthday, well I am not really old enough to talk in a nostalgic way about Gameboy, but I got my Gameboy Advance SP at the age of 8 which is 10 years from now. Back then it was one of things I wanted most for portable gaming and actually owning one was something special. 25 years ago gameboy along with tetris ( the puzzle game ) sold more than 35 million copies.

These days mobile gaming is pretty much left to our smartphones , we today have great HD games even on our smartphones that can be downloaded in a few minutes and are ready to play.

I still remember the anxiousness to go buy a new cartridge for my gameboy, the graphics were crap compared to what we have now but the games were extremely addictive. Specially the Pokemon series, I have wasted hours and hours playing that on my Gameboy.

The 4 – 8MHz processor with kbs of ram has contributed a lot to old school gaming.


Versions of Gameboy

Here is a summary of different versions on Gameboy 25th Birthday. I still have my Gameboy Advance SP and probably my uncle still has his Gameboy (the original). Selling millions of copies worldwide it was undoubtedly the best portable gaming console of its time.

  • The birthday boy 1989 Gameboy.gameboy
  • Gameboy Pocket (1996)gameboy pocket
  • Gameboy Light (1998)
  • Gameboy Color (1998)
  • Gameboy Advance (2001)
  • Gameboy Advance SP (2003)
  • Gameboy Micro (2005)



Gameboy 25th Birthday

On this occasion lets take our time to thank Gameboy to give us a source of killing time through portable gaming and infact to start an era of portable gaming. It is because of the brilliant idea of Gameboy’s portable gaming that we today have PSP’s and Nintendo DS etc.

Happy Birthday Gameboy!

Do you think there should be a new Gameboy ? The 25th Birthday Special edition ? I would be willing to buy one if there it comes out.



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