Mar 16, 2016

Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 - Ad Reveal

galaxy tab pro 10.1

Apple iPad air gathered much fame for being the most thinnest tablet available in the market. Before the release of iPad Air, Apple claimed the tablet to be thinner than a simple pencil. However, iPad can no longer sell on this market gimmick for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is coming.

Samsung just released an advert for its upcoming Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 where it starts of by showing how thin the iPad air is. It then mocks the iPad because the Galaxy Tab Pro stands out to be even thinner than an iPad Air.

Moreover, Samsung talks about the brilliant screen display on their tab along with the power of multitasking. Have a look at the video.



Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 vs iPad Air

Here is why the galaxy tab is actually correct in mocking iPad air in their video.

  • Samsung’s tab is 7.28 mm thin whereas an iPad is 7.5 mm
  • Samsung’s tab has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 compared to iPad’s 2048 x 1536
  • Samsung’s tab has a ppi (pixel per inch) of 299 compared with iPad’s 264


So it is actually true from facts that the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 has a more sharper and a far better display than an iPad. However, it is funny how samsung’s directly mocks its rival product. Samsung is trying to win some customers here, mainly the ones who would buy an iPad for being too thin. So now you have a thinner option. It all comes down to what the user prefers as its tab’s operating system. Whether it should be iOS or Android its for you to decide.

Even though I am a die hard android fan, if I were to buy a tablet, I would personally go with the iPad Air instead. I believe android tablets still lack a lot of developer support, playstore apps are more optimized for 7 inch tablets rather than 10. Apple’s app store however has a greater variety of tablet optimized apps with no “Force Close” issues coming up. I also like the fact that facetime is apple exclusive and offers better quality compared to the many third party application available on android. This is just my preference, yours can vary.