Mar 16, 2016

Freebie Times- 7 things you can get for FREE right now


Freebie Times

In this world where prices are dramatically increasing and everything is getting out of the reach of average people, there is still some hope. I call this hope ‘Freebie Times’; a new NullMag series that will provide you with an update of free things that anyone can get. You will be amazed to know that there is so much free stuff all over the internet. Below are the top 7 freebies that you can get for free right now.


1) Free One- Dollar US bill (US only)

Did you know that you can get a FREE One- dollar bill mailed to you just by signing up for points2shop. This might seem crazy but trust me it’s legit. All you have to do is sign up here Once you sign up you will be given free 250 point2shop money,which can be used by going to the rewards store on the website. You can buy a One-Dollar US bill for 100 points. You can only get the One-dollar bill once and the reason they do this is to let people know that point2shop is not a scam. So, go ahead and sign up from the referral link above and immediately  get your one-dollar US bill for free (NO Credit Card required). And, that’s what we call a real freebie.



2) Free Personalized Pen (US only) is sending one free custom sample pen to anyone with a company. Well, i really don’t have a company so I put my name instead of the Company and my pen came with my name on it. ;). Click on the link below and design your free custom pen by adding personalized text and the site will mail it to you for free (NO Credit Card required). Now, that’s a great freebie!



3) Free Paypal and Amazon gift cards (worldwide)

Download an app called Feature Points (available on both Android and iOS) to earn free points which you can later trade for a variety of gift cards. If you download the app from this link,, you will be given free 50 points. You can earn points just by downloading free apps from the app store and using the app for just 30 seconds. After that you can delete the app if you want. I just received a $5 Paypal Gift card that works in countries where Paypal is available. Also, type in this Referral Code: FXCSKB in the app to get extra 50 points. Hmm… Isn’t it a good freebie!



4) Personalized 3D printed bracelet (US only)

Click on the link below to design your own custom bracelet and Google will 3D print it and send it to you for free (NO Credit Card required). A custom 3D printed bracelet for free? What a freebie!

3d print braclet


5) Free Chocolates every month (US / UK)

Sign Up for Godiva and they will send you free sample chocolates every month. Wow…’a monthly freebie’.

free chocolates


6) Free Amazon Prime Membership for Students (US only)

Amazon Prime membership is for $99 a year. But, if you are a college student and have a .edu email address, you’re in luck. Amazon is providing free 6 month Amazon Prime membership to students. This will include 2-day free shipping and much more. You can cancel the service any time you want. Or, after the free 6 month period you can continue your Prime membership for just $49 (that is 50% off). Now, they will ask you for your credit card in order to make the account, but you can remove it anytime you want by going into Manage Payments and removing the card. So, click on this link, and get your free 6 month Amazon Prime membership.



7) NullMag Subscription (worldwide)

Finally, you can support us by following us on Facebook and Twitter and in return we will provide you with cool tech related news and awesome articles for free. That’s definitely the best freebie! :)

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