Mar 16, 2016

"Flappy Bird" to be taken down

Flappy Bird taken down

The new smartphone addiction “Flappy bird” is going to be taken down by the developer himself. According to him he cannot take it anymore.

The game developer Dong Nguyen tweeted on his tweeted on his twitter account. Have a look at the tweet.

Flappy Bird taken down

Flappy Bird taken down


How the social media treated the game developer was also somehow unfair because whatever the reason … the developer managed to take the limelight.


Flappy bird was a new addiction to the smartphone users and the game received more than a million downloads. It has been estimated that the developer managed to earn $50,000 just through the ad revenue from the game itself. The reason why people started to hate it so much is the fact that they could not make a good score no matter what. When they finally were able to make a good score, their score was ruined by the fake high scores submitted on the internet by editing the xml file of the game.

To be fairly honest, I just installed the game yesterday and played it for like ten minutes or so and managed to make a high score of 4. We have to agree that the game is one of its kind and unique in many ways. It is challenging and a great competition among your friends as well. Here are some screenshots of my awful high score.


If you do not like it you can simply uninstall it or just stop playing it instead. We also got to know that the developer will not be selling his rights to anyone either. If you have still not tried playing the game on everyone’s mind, better give it a shot ASAP. There are some clone to flappy bird on the Play Store, named “Flappy Wings”. The game is similar but slightly a bit easy to play and with certain modifications of their own.

Removing the game from the play store or the app store would do the developer no good, even if someone was willing to play the game later they could simply get apk files (for android) from the internet which are readily available.