Mar 16, 2016

Our favorite Material Design Apps


Hop on to the Material Design bandwagon with these awesome Apps


Since the Google I/O, Apps with Material Design are slowly trickling into the Play Store. Although they all have the Material Design, most of them are still plagued with bugs and lack of functionality. To make things easier here’s a list of our recommended Material Designed Apps designed to give both excellent functionality and design



qksms_material design


I’ve been using EvolveSMS for more than 2 months but eventually got bored of its UI and lack of Material Designess. That’s when I found about QKSMS. Although still in beta stage, almost all of the functionality works. Its features are similar to EvolveSMS so I felt right at home. These features include Read Option from Status bar when you receive a new message and night mode (requires QKSMS+). Also multitude of color schemes available by default plus option to have tinted status and navigation bar.

Since the app is currently in beta stage it isn’t directly available from the Play Store by default. First you have to become and then download it from the  Play Store. Complete instructions are available at the QKSMS community.

Today Calendar

todaycal_material design
Based on the AOSP calendar but with extra features added and a redesigned UI. Of all its awesome features from widgets to Material Design UI, my favorite is displaying both the agenda and month at the same time.



CPU Control

cpucntrl_material design


Using No Frills CPU source code, Xda-developers’ recognized themer TheArc built one of the most simplest and beautiful cpu controller app. Has all the necessary stuff such as Max and min frequency as well as Governor and I/O scheduler.
Download from the XDA-Developers thread.


Reddit News Beta

redditnews_material design
The best reddit app out there. Period. It’s one of the very few of its kind that have frequent bug fixes and updates.To top it off it has enough features to make most users happy. Download instructions: Reddit News Community


Month Calendar Widget

monthcal_material design
First impressions: damn this widget is beautiful. Check your whole calendar directly from your homescreen. Plus it is equipped with a multitude of themes by default and you can get even more by buying the complete theme package.

Download link: Google Play


Cabinet Beta

cabinet_material design
Although you won’t find it as feature filled as other file managers in the Play Store, Cabinet Beta is minimalistic and still functional for most of your basic tasks. To top it off the hovering button makes adding new folders and copy pasting so damn easier.




eq_material design

Equalizer, one of Android’s most popular EQs, finally got its much needed UI overhaul update while still keeping its core features.



If you are still looking for even more apps here are the resources I use daily: GPlus community 1 and 2, Subreddits Androidapps and MaterialDesign, and Playboard

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