Mar 16, 2016

Experience Android L On Your Android

android l

Android L Experience

You must be confused after reading the title I gave to this post. It is actually as literal as it sounds. You might not be able to get it on your phone as yet but you can definitely experience it visually.

There are many apps that can achieve the same purpose but this is my recommended method. It is by far the best visual look you can get.


Things you will need

1- Nova launcher – free version would do fine.

Well I don’t need to explain to you what nova launcher is or what it can do. You obviously have used it before as it is one of the most famous third party launchers available on android. You can also find themes that match the Android L interface but nova launcher has its custom settings to achieve that as well. So basically you can still use your own icon pack and get the visual look of L easily.


2- Android L Keyboard – Play store app.

Some developer has created a look a like of the Android L keyboard. The app is still in development but it can be used without any serious issues on board. This is the closest you get in terms of looks.

Download link


3- Exdialer – Third party dialer app.

An excellent replacement to your stock dialer and contacts app. Though there are many, I have chosen this because it has a very neat L theme for it as well. Its available to download for free like every other app mentioned here.


4- Exdialer Android L Theme.

Not exactly the same thing but still quite close in terms of the minimalist feel of L. Grab this theme for free as well from Play Store.




Install Nova launcher and set it as your default launcher. After doing that you need to change the visual look of your launcher to match Android L. The benefit of doing it manually instead of using a theme is that you can still make use of any other icon set that you like. So you don’t loose the Android L look if you want to change your icons.

Follow these steps quoted from Nova launcher’s play store link. It explains all you need to do to get the visual experience for Android L.

“L” style folder preview (Settings > Folders > Folder Preview > Line)
“L” style app animation (Settings > Look and Feel > App Animation > Slide Up)
“L” style search bar (Settings > Desktop > Persistent Search Bar > L, or long-press on the quick search bar widget and select Edit)
“L” style app drawer icon (Long-press on the app drawer icon and select Edit then tap the icon and select the opaque white icon under Built-in)
Once all this is done you should get something similar to this. (My homescreen)


android L


Install Android L keyboard and set it as your default keyboard.


Install Exdialer and install the L theme for it. Now open the exdialer app and go to preferences.
Setting up exDialer preferences:
In exDialer Preferences,
  • Press Theme — choose Android L. Go back to Preferences.
  • Press Appearance. Scroll to the bottom.
  • Use Theme Font — ON.
  • Display ABC — OFF
  • ABC at Right — OFF
  • Set up Dialpad Size to: Width 1.00x, Height 1.30x or more.
You should now be able to get a little visual experience of the future of Android. There may be better methods than the ones mentioned but I personally think that these are the best. Give it a shot.


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