Mar 16, 2016

Android App Review: EvolveSMS


EvolveSMS: Hands down the best SMS Client


EvolveSMS is developed by Klinker Apps, known for their popular apps; Talon and Sliding Messaging. EvolveSMS is a pumped up version of the latter, with many new features and improvements as well as meeting the new guidelines of Android 4.4 Kitkat.


UI and Feel



One of the main selling points that sets EvolveSMS apart from the others is of its clean and non-obtrusive UI. The app takes benefit of Android 4.4 KitKat’s translucency of the status bar as well as the navigation bar. Mind you this feature this only available in devices running KitKat, but the app worth giving a try nonetheless.
You’ll also notice the profile background image is blurred similar to that in Google+, giving it an overall clean presentation.

Swipe from the left side of the screen to view your conversation list. You can also move from one conversation page to another by swiping from the middle of the screen.


Main Features and Customizations


EvolveSMS has many features you would normally expect from a third party SMS client, which is not limited to Vibration Patterns, Blacklist option, Popup reply, Quick Text Notification etc. The options available in the free version will be enough for most users.




In terms of customization and theming this is where EvolveSMS really shines, but you’ll have to buy the customization and feature pack to take full advantage of it. The feature pack would allow backup your messages to the cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive), schedule messages and many more.

While the customization pack will allow you to install additional themes from the Playstore, night mode and contact photo management.



EvolveSMS with its clean UI and plethora of customization options, is now my daily SMS client and my top recommended apps for Android.

Download the app right here.

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