Mar 16, 2016

Google Glass Gets A Cheap Competitor - The Epson Moverio

epson moverio

Epson Moverio BT – 200 Smart Glass

Epson, a company famous for its printing products, a company providing people with printers that run on ink bottles instead of cartridges is now here with a competitor for Google Glass. They call it the Epson Moverio BT – 200. The great thing about epson moverio is that you can actually buy it right now as well, unlike the Google Glass which is yet to be made available to consumers. Whether it stands out to be the right competitor is what we need to find out.



Well since I already mentioned that the Epson Moverio is a cheaper alternative to Google Glass, it does not mean that it is cheap. It is available for purchase on their website at $699.99. Yes the price tag is still huge, but it is almost half the price of what Google Glass is going to cost you. So if you can afford a Google Glass, a cheaper alternative is made available to you.



The Epson Moverio will do pretty much everything you would expect from a smart glass. This very smart glass is also Android based because the features list makes mention of having android apps at your finger tips.


epson moverio

You will get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to browse the web check your emails etc. Like the Google Glass the Epson Moverio also comes equipped with a Camera with Motion Tracking for hands free application. 6 hours of battery life is what’s promised. Bluetooth connectivity means that you will be able to connect it with your smartphone.


There are a whole bunch of other listed features which include an immersive 3D display, private projection with a floating 80″ display. Buying an Epson Moverio would also get you headphones that can be used with the smart glass to enjoy the dolby mobile surround sound. You can get removable memory upto 32Gb along with the built in 1Gb memory. People with eyesight problems also have the option to make use of external lenses.



It is great that companies are producing cheaper alternatives to Google Glass, but if I were to buy a smart glass I would buy one with a lot of developer support and stability. There is no question on the fact that Google Glass will be a smart glass with a lot of developer support and supported apps out of the box. So, if companies like Epson want to benefit from a “cheaper” smart glass they should start finding a great developer support for their product as well. Only time will tell if the Epson Moverio will be our rival to the Google Glass.


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