Mar 16, 2016

Encrypted Messaging On Your Smartphone

encrypted messaging

Encrypted Messaging

With everything getting leaked up and IM users increasing to millions, vulnerability is likely to be easier. Encrypted messaging makes sure that your secret stuff is delivered to only the intended users and no one else. Here are some recommended apps that you can use for encrypted messaging. Some of them might also be available on iOS.



threema encypted messaging


Yes, threema is a paid app but it comes with a one time fee only. So you don’t need to have any monthly or yearly subscriptions to use this app. Threema provides real end to end message encryption which includes messages, pictures, videos and even shared locations. The moment your message is delivered it is also removed from the company’s server, You can also encrypt your group messages and use the app anonymously.

In a nutshell threema is one of the best apps for encrypted messaging.


TextSecure Private Messenger

text secure encrypted messaging


TextSecure provides their own form of end to end encryption providing encrypted messaging. The best thing is that TextSecure is Open source and hence the app is bound to be genuine, no fakes here. Provides every feature you would want from a messaging app with a beautiful user interface. Like threema, you can also encrypt your group messages in TextSecure.


Surespot Encrypted Messenger

surespot encrypted messeging


Surespot is one of the highest rated open source encrypted messenger available and that too for free. It is a true rival to threema. Messages are encrypted end to end using symmetric-key encryption. One of the coolest features, if you delete a message you have previously sent, it also gets deleted from the recipient’s smartphone. You can use the app as an anonymous and you can even send encrypted voice messages. It does include all other mainstream features like encrypting your sent photos and videos etc.

Encrypted messaging with no fee to pay and being open source is truly divine.

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