Mar 16, 2016

Ematic HD 7 - An Android tablet for $39

ematic hd 7

Ematic HD 7 – A Tablet for Everyone

This tablet is for $39. This is a really good tablet! It comes in different colors. And, I like the black one. Haha.. don’t worry I won’t be writing the whole article like a first-grader! So, let’s get serious and talk about this $39 Android tablet, made by a company called Ematic, to see why I called this a tablet for everyone. Trust me after reading this article, you would buy one for your dog too :).



The Ematic HD 7 is packed with a 1.5 GHZ Quad Core processor with 1 GB of system memory. With a 7 inch 1024 x 600 resolution capacitive touchscreen display (It’s a little bit low, but no complaints), you can easily watch movies and play games. The tablet comes preloaded with Android 4.2 OS (Jellybean) which is lightning fast when it comes to performance on this tablet. Of course, that quad core CPU and 1 GB of ram makes it possible for this tablet to be one of the smoothest and fastest tablets for under $50. Ematic HD 7 comes with 8 GB of on-board storage which can easily be increased by adding a micro SD card for up to 32 GB. The tablet also features a front facing camera and a micro USB 2.0 port for charging and data transfer. It also includes a mini HDMI port, which is my favorite feature on this tablet. You don’t see an HDMI port very often, even on some high end tablets. Thus, it’s just shocking to see it on such a low priced tablet. The HDMI port means that I can plug my tablet to my TV and watch videos or play games on a bigger screen.  I bet there is no tablet in the market right now that can beat this price tag with the kind of performance it gives and the build quality of this device.


Build Quality

Build Quality on this $39 tablet is just amazing (Yeah, I love to keep on mentioning the price of this tablet again and again). Trust me on this, I have used a lot of other flagship tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Nexus 7, this tablet feels much better in the hand than those $230 – $400 devices. With that premium feeling, soft rubberized material on the back, you would just fall in love with the device. Hats off to Ematic for making such a great tablet with such a low price tag. Unfortunately, people think that this is just one of those cheap tablets by a poor company, which is not correct at all! (Let’s me make it clear that I am not getting paid for writing this article for Ematic. It’s just my opinion about this company that has a great product, but is under-estimated by people).


ematic hd 7



With Android 4.2 Jellybean, the tablet performs smoothly with hardly any stutter or lag. The gaming experience on the Ematic HD 7 is fine. Graphic intensive games might drop frame rates sometimes but other than that it’s pretty good! Web browsing is phenomenal with Google Chrome and, Youtube and Netflix are a charm on this little device.


ematic hd 7


Battery Life

This is my only complaint with the tablet. Well, I shouldn’t complain anything about a $39 tablet, still talking about the battery life on this device I’d be honest, it’s not great. You would approximately get 6-7 hours of Web browsing, 2-3 hours on video playback and about 2 hours of gaming. I usually use this tablet to browse the web and read my college books. And, for me about 5-6 hours of battery time with constant use is fine. I mean I have 2-3 classes every day, and if my tablet is fully charged I can easily views my eBooks during those classes. We all should understand that for a tablet with such a low price point, there should be no complaints. I am not saying that it’s bad but it’s no where near to an iPad’s battery life. The Ematic HD 7 does its job with full loyalty.


Where to Buy?

Only Walmart is selling the Ematic HD 7 for $39. Else where on the internet the tablet is expensive. For example, BestBuy is selling the same tablet for $99. This might be a limited time offer by Walmart, so make sure you take advantage of it! Now, you can just go and pick it up from your local Walmart retail store, but if you want to order it online you either have to pay a shipping fee of $4.99 or you have to make your order above $50 by buying some extra stuff to qualify for free shipping, and your tablet will arrive in 2 days. Your Choice!



A kindle ebook reader costs about the same as this full Android 4.2 tablet PC. So, why would you want to spend money on anything else when the Ematic HD 7 does everything. This might be the perfect tablet for your kids who can play games, learn and enjoy cartoons. This might also be the perfect tablet for those who want to play around with Android and it’s open source software, and try rooting, etc. Also, a college student like me appreciates a cheap product like this that I can carry around with me without any worries. In short, there is nothing to lose with such a budget tablet and nothing to complain about. I definitely recommend it to every one of you who is reading this article. For more details on this tablet visit Ematic’s website; plus,  hurry up and go buy it from Walmart!

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