Mar 16, 2016

Perfection through Customization. Part 2: Android Widgets

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Spice Up Your Home-screen with android widgets


One of the main things that sets Android apart from other operating systems, especially iOS, is the ability to add widgets to the home screen. But the annoying thing is that there is plethora of them at the Play Store making it difficult to choose the right one. So here in Part 2 of “Perfection through Customization” we are going to give our top recommended ones to take full benefit of Android. Following are my recommended android widgets.



uccw_android widgets
My current homescreen with UCCW Elegante widget.

Ultimate Custom Clock Widgets or UCCW for short have really changed the widget scene in Android. Not only you can make your own widgets from scratch, editing it in every possible way, but you can also simply download pre-built themes from the Play Store.


Zooper_android widget

Similar to UCCW, Zooper also allows to create your own widgets or if you’re too lazy ( like most of us are) just download some themes from the Play Store leaving the dirty job for the professionals.


Dashclock_android widget

Popular for its simplicity and customizability, Dashclock displays all the necessary information such as battery, notifications, weather etc. using plugins.

Beautiful widgets

beautiful widgets_android widget

One of the only widgets that actually lives up to its name. With lots of different sized widgets for clock, weather, forecast, it also allows to change its layout, theme even transparency and text color.

Slider Widget

slider widget_android widget


This widget allows to control and adjust all your volume levels separately directly from your home screen.


Eye in the Sky


eye in the sky_android widget


Because of its minimalistic and clean UI, this weather app is among my favourites.


So these are my recommended widgets that everybody should try out.Know an awesome widget that isn’t listed here? Then post in the comments below.
Stay tuned for Part 3….


Disclaimer: All images on this article have been taken from Google Play Store unless specified



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