Mar 16, 2016

Computex 2014; Corsair Announces 3 New PC Cases


Corsair Announces 3 news Enthusiast Grade PC Cases at Computex 2014


So today, at Computex 2014, Corsair announces three new high-end enthusiast grade PC cases, namely Graphite Series 780T (full tower), Graphite Series 380T (mini-ITX) and lastly the Carbide SeriesAir 240 (mini ITX). All three cases feature an elegant and sleek design with ample space for large components as well as potential for excellent cooling capabilities.

Carbide SeriesAir 240

air-240-il_Computex 2014

source: Maximumpc


Back when Corsair released the Carbide Series 540 some people considered it to be too big, so good’ol Corsair released a mini-ITX version of it and that too in Black and white colours. Just like the Air 540, the Air 240 is also capable of excellent air as well as water cooling configurations with no compromise what’s so ever (easily fit a full length card with a 240mm radiator or even two).

It will come pre-installed with Corsair’s 3 AF120 120mm fans. Expect most of the features from the Carbide 540 but in a more compact case.


Graphite Series 380T

graphite_380t_Computex 2014

source: Maximumpc

The Graphite 380T is the perfect case for mini-ITX enthusiasts; equipped with an integrated handle and comes with multiple colour options. It also has a windowed panel. The Graphite 380T can accommodate a full length card and 4 2.5/3.5” drives with no problems. Just like the Carbide 240, the Graphite is no slouch in cooling capabilities; can fit up to 5 fans or a 240mm radiator. The case will come with Corasir AF-140 140mm and AF120 120mm fan preinstalled. To control all those fans, there will also be a three-speed fan controller preinstalled.

Graphite Series 780T

graphite-780t-il_Computex 2014


source: Maximumpc


The Graphite 780T is a full tower case. It’s strikingly similar to Corsair’s previous model the Graphite 600T but with a slightly more rugged build. It will come in too colours; black and white. It has a latched window panel and just like the Graphite 380T it comes with an integrated three-speed fan controller. The case comes with 9 expansion slots and storage options up to nine hard drives. It can also easily fit dual 360mm radiators for water cooling configurations and includes three Corsair AF-140 140mm fans

Pricing and Availability

Both the Carbide 240 and Graphite 380T will  be available in August with prices $90 to $100 and $130 respectively. The Graphite 780T will be available in September with a price tag from $180 to $190

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