Mar 16, 2016

Common Mistakes Amateurs make in Billiards


Mistakes Beginners Make while playing Billiards

Billiards is a great sport that tests both your physical and mental abilities during the game. This is game isn’t about shooting balls in the pockets with a stick; it is all about how you control the game by planning the upcoming shots during a regular 8 ball or 9 ball game. Now, let us talk about what mistakes almost all beginners make while playing billiards You to be more specific, this is what I used to do when I started playing billiards.

Shooting it Hard!

You would see almost every single amateur player playing his shots with a hard stroke. They usually do this, because they think when you make a shot with a harder stroke people think you are a pro; basically, just to gain attention of the audience. This is completely wrong, because it is harder to control shot’s with a harder stroke. Use a hard stroke when it is required. For example, when you need to break a cluster of balls while making a shot, or when you have to travel a a long distance back and forth the table. [Pro Tip: Avoid a Hard Stroke whenever you can!]

The Wrong Jump Shot

So, this what I used to think when I started playing pool that in order to make a jump shot, one needs to hit the cue ball to the bottom to scoop it over the balls blocking the shot. I mastered this shot and was very happy until I found out that this is the wrong way to jump the cue ball and is actually considered a mis-cue and a scratch (foul). And, I have seen almost every single beginner do this while playing a game of billiards. The right way to make a jump shot is a little bit difficult. First, you need a shorter jump cue specifically made for making jump shots. Then, in order to jump the cue ball over the obstacle balls, you need to elevate the cue to an angle of about 45 degrees from the center of the cue ball and hit the cue ball with a hard stroke, This would allow the cue ball to bounce of the surface over the obstacle ball. See the image below:




Cue Ball Control is the Key to Success

Billiards not about making shots randomly and then ending up in a position with no shot. This can be avoided if you plan your upcoming shots. Let’s say that you have 2 balls left on the table. And, you make one ball in and now you don’t have a shot on the other ball because you didn’t end up in the right position for that next shot. This shows you didn’t plan your upcoming shot and now, you are going to miss that shot and your opponent’s going to win the game. Now, let’s say that you planned your next shot and you analyzed that in order to make your next shot, you have to put a little bit of ‘Back Spin’ to bring the cue ball in the line of your next shot so that you can win the game. A lot of amateurs would just pocket balls until they end up in an awkward position where they have no shot on their object ball. By planning the shots you can decide where the cue ball should end up after the shot so that you can easily make your next shot. Now, this can be difficult. Cue ball control is not easy and you need PRACTICE to learn how to apply different spins and how soft or how hard you have to hit the cue ball so that you end up on the desired spot after making the shot.

[Pro Tip: Billiards is a really fun game and if you need to get good at it, you need practice!]

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