Mar 16, 2016

Google Chromebox for Meetings - Conferencing made simpler

Chromebox for meetings

Google wishes to take your conference calls to a whole new level. It does that by introducing the very new Chromebox for Meetings. It should simplify your experience for conference calls for a price tag of $999. This might seem a lot to ask for but it probably has  a lot more to offer than the traditional conference calls. So lets now have a look on the features.

Chromebox for Meetings – Specs

The specs do define the smooth “chrome” experience you can expect here. The list is as follows

  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • HDMI
  • Display ports
  • Four USB 3.0 Ports
  • Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet

You might be thinking whether if this is all you get for the huge sum. That is not correct however. The $999 includes a HD camera, combined microphone, speaker unit and a remote control along with the chromebox.


Why Chromebox for Meetings is a better choice ?

It is important to mention here that why your business needs a chromebox for meetings rather than a traditional skype conference call.

With the chromebox up to 15 people can be in the conference at once and the chromebox needs to be owned by one person alone. This brings up the advantage of cost sharing. If you are a small organisation you can share the cost of getting a chromebox. The other participants can simply make use of their mobile phones and desktops or laptops to join the conference. Mobile participants can make use of a mobile app called Uberconference. In layman terms, one person owns the chromebox, the rest use their gmail accounts to join the conference.


It is also a lot more easier to join meetings. You do not need a pass-code, dial in code or any sorts of PINS either. Simply click on the remote once and you are connected to your meeting.

For other maintained services you will have to pay an additional cost of $250 per annum. According to Google the units will be sold in a few months through DELL and HP.

It is claimed that Chromebox for meetings is the ultimate solution to video conferencing. Here are some of the comments made by the Vice President of Google Product Management.

Meetings need to catch up with the way we work—they need to be face-to-face, easier to join, and available from anywhere and any device


Chromebox for meetings

Chromebox for meetings


Instant meeting rooms with faster meetings is what is promised by Google here. So is your business ready to adopt the new ways of conferencing rather than the traditional ones ? It is onto you to decide. The price is actually not that much considering the features it has to offer and the fact that it only needs to bought by once.

Another extract from the blog:

Chromebox for meetings is available in the U.S. today starting at $999, which includes the ASUS Chromebox and everything you need to get going. That means for the same price that companies have typically paid for one meeting room, they’ll be able to outfit 10 rooms—or more. CDW and SYNNEX will help bring Chromebox for meetings to customers and resellers, and Chromeboxes from HP and Dell will be available for meetings in the coming months. Later this year, we plan to launch in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the U.K.