• Ryse Son of Rome for PC
    Ryse Son Of Rome For PC

    Ryse Son of Rome For those of you who do not know, Ryse Son of Rome is an Xbox One exclusive ...

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  • xbox one getting better
    Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

    Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console ...

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  • android gaming emulators
    Android Gaming Emulators – Console Games on Smartphone

    Android Gaming Emulators By now, we should all be aware of the power we carry in our hands ...

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  • alienware alpha
    Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

    Alienware Alpha At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can ...

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  • ps4 vs xbox one
    PS4 vs Xbox One makes the Xbox One Look Less “Next Gen”

    It has now been quite some while since the release of Next Gen consoles, namely the ...

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How PC gamers benefit from Next-Gen Consoles

pc gamers

This is going to be a brief review on my opinion as to how PC gamers benefit from next – gen consoles. Just as a heads up, I myself am a PC gamer but this review is not suppose to be biased towards PC gaming at all. With the advent of next – gen consoles... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 – All you need to know

Galaxy S5

Much was expected from the new galaxy s5 before its release. Samsung fanboys had their hopes quite high and had represented some stunning concepts as well. Not sure if they are satisfied enough now but the Galaxy S5 does not pack a lot new in terms of looks. There is no 2K display either as... ...

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Google Chromebox for Meetings – Conferencing made simpler

Chromebox for meetings

Google wishes to take your conference calls to a whole new level. It does that by introducing the very new Chromebox for Meetings. It should simplify your experience for conference calls for a price tag of $999. This might seem a lot to ask for but it probably has  a lot more to offer than... ...

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Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications

scentee smelly smartphone notifications

  Notified with a smell ? Now that is certainly something new. Your smartphone can notify you with a sound or a vibration … but what if you were able to smell your notifications ?. As strange as it sounds, its actually true. You can now smell your notifications with “Scentee ...

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How to watch 3D Movies on PC

Watch 3D Cheap

3D movies can be a lot of fun to watch. However, not everyone has the necessary expensive equipment needed in order to watch a 3D movie. So I was able to find a way on “How to watch 3D Movies on PC”. The process is as simple as it sounds. The method we have used... Read More

Xposed Framework; Your new best friend in Android Modding


  If you’re like me who spends hours flashing one rom after the other, finding the “perfect” rom with all your favorite tweaks and features, well look no further for XDA’s recognized developer rovo89 has developed the perfect solution, the Xposed Framework. With Xposed Framework you ...

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