• Ryse Son of Rome for PC
    Ryse Son Of Rome For PC

    Ryse Son of Rome For those of you who do not know, Ryse Son of Rome is an Xbox One exclusive ...

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  • xbox one getting better
    Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

    Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console ...

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  • android gaming emulators
    Android Gaming Emulators – Console Games on Smartphone

    Android Gaming Emulators By now, we should all be aware of the power we carry in our hands ...

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  • alienware alpha
    Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

    Alienware Alpha At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can ...

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  • ps4 vs xbox one
    PS4 vs Xbox One makes the Xbox One Look Less “Next Gen”

    It has now been quite some while since the release of Next Gen consoles, namely the ...

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Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

alienware alpha

Alienware Alpha At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can think of it as PC Console which currently runs on a themed Windows 8.1 to give gamers a console feel. It is possible that it might later run at Steam OS. Users can connect their Xbox controllers with ...

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Consoles vs PC, The Bigger Picture

console vs pc

Consoles vs PC, who’s the real winner?   The Consoles vs PC debate has been going around for a couple of years and most of the times the arguments that most people raise are dead ends and don’t arrive to a specific conclusion. Here is a simplified version of the debate stating ...

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Awesome Photo Editing Apps for Android


Photo Editing Apps – That’s how you edit! With relatively impressive cameras fastened to the back side of our smartphones, it’s easy to get carried away with snapping photos of important life events and scenic places we may pass by. But not every picture turns out exactly as ...

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Android Multitasking – The Better Way

android launcher

Spicing up your Android Multitasking and Navigation   There are number of apps available at the Play Store, advertised to make navigation and multitasking in Android easier but I find most of them to fall short of one necessary feature or the other. So here we’ll discuss about our ...

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LG G3 – First Impression is the Last Impression


First Impression on LG G3 Welcome to an exclusive first impression review of the LG G3, one of the most predicted phones of 2014. So let’s go and take a closer look at the features this beast is packed with.I was lucky enough to get my hands on to this device; you may be wondering that... Read More

Google Glass Gets A Cheap Competitor – The Epson Moverio

epson moverio

Epson Moverio BT – 200 Smart Glass Epson, a company famous for its printing products, a company providing people with printers that run on ink bottles instead of cartridges is now here with a competitor for Google Glass. They call it the Epson Moverio BT – 200. The great thing about ...

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Best Free Web Hosting Sites for Beginners

best free web hosting

Best Free Web Hosting If you are thinking of starting a new website or want to experiment for a few months before going premium then you should be at a lookout for these free web hosting sites. I have personally tested all these free web hosting services and some of them were told to me... Read More

Best Android Anti Theft Apps – Save Insurance Money

android anti theft

Android Anti Theft Apps vs Insurance Mobile theft has increased over the past few years owing to the heavy price tag on some of the smartphones we own. While it is best to have insurance for your smartphone, it can still be costly and the insurance terms can be annoying. You can install these ...

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Three Best Android Music Players

android music player

Android Music Players One of the perks of owning an android smartphone is the huge third party app support. If you are not satisfied with your current music app then consider these three replacement apps which will serve you best. Here are my three favorite android music players.   #1 ...

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HIS Radeon R9 295X2 8GB Liquid Cooler Review

r9 295x2

HIS Radeon R9 295X2 HIS recently announced the new R9 295X2 8Gb Liquid Cooler and claim it to be the world’s fastest graphic card.   Specs   The gpu has a core clock of up to 1018 MHz along with 8Gb ddr5 memory clocked in at 5000 MHz. The memory interface being a twin 512... Read More