• Android L Preview
    Bugs found in Android L Preview

    Errors in Android L Preview It’s obvious that the developer version of Android L ...

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  • onewear
    One Wear – HTC’s First Smartwatch

    One wear After every other mainstream smartphone developer is in the mist of introducing an ...

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  • xbox one getting better
    Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

    Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console ...

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  • apple carplay
    Apple CarPlay – The four wheeler iOS

    Apple CarPlay Apple today announces that it is in the process of releasing CarPlay. CarPlay is ...

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  • gtx 800m
    Multiple OEMs launch new laptops with Nvidia GTX 800M Series Graphics

    Nvidia’s latest Graphic Solution for Laptops, The GeForce GTX 800M Series   After a ...

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5 Crazy Google Projects Implemented right now

google projects

Top 5 Google Projects Do you know that behind the scenes Google is tackling some of most ambitious projects in tech? And, after a couple of years from now we will know whether or not Google is able to shape our future. So, let’s go and look at the five cool Google projects that are... Read More

LG G Watch for $179 from AT&T (expired)

lg g watch

LG G Watch for $50 less If you know that Google announced the LG G watch during the Google I/O 2014, then you should also be aware of the price they are selling the watch for in the Play Store. They are selling this smart watch for $229 in the Android Wear section of the Google... Read More

Windows 9 – Official Leaks & Analysis

windows 9

Windows 9 Microsoft is now working on its new OS which is due release later in 2015. Whether if it will be called Windows 9 or not is uncertain but since there is no word on it, I followed the convention like everyone else to call it Windows 9. Developers at Microsoft codename it ...

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Google Project Ara Beta Testing Announced

google project ara beta

Google Project Ara Beta A few months back I talked about Google’s upcoming modular smartphone the ‘Project Ara‘. Google will now be sending 100 of these modular smartphones to beta testers around the world. This means that you can not sign up for it now and be among the 100 ...

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Vertu Signature Touch – An $11,000 Smartphone

vertu signature touch

Is Vertu Signature Touch worth it? The smartphone we’re going to talk about today is the Vertu Signature Touch, made by a company called Vertu Concierge. It’s an android phone that looks unlike any other. And, it also comes with a price tag unlike any other smartphone out there. This phone ...

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Bugs found in Android L Preview

Android L Preview

Errors in Android L Preview It’s obvious that the developer version of Android L wouldn’t be 100% perfect. And, that’s the reason why Google launched it earlier so that develops can test it and share their experiences in a community on Google+ called ‘Android L Developer ...

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Freebie Times- 7 things you can get for FREE right now


Freebie Times In this world where prices are dramatically increasing and everything is getting out of the reach of average people, there is still some hope. I call this hope ‘Freebie Times’; a new NullMag series that will provide you with an update of free things that anyone can ...

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The $1300 Selfie Camera – Casio TR35

casio tr35 selfie camera

Casio TR35 Selfie Camera Up till now the only product of concern by Casio for a teenager would have been a calculator. I myself was not familiar with the fact that cameras made specifically for taking a selfie actually existed. However, recently I got to know about the Casio TR35. The TR35 is a ...

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Amazon Fire Phone – The mysterious 3D phone unveils

amazon fire phone

Amazon Fire Phone Amazon has finally revealed the long rumored 3d smartphone today in its Seattle event, called the ‘Amazon Fire Phone’. Unlike, other smartphones, Amazon Fire has been a mysterious device because of the video that Amazon posted before releasing it. The video only showed people ...

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Consoles vs PC, The Bigger Picture

console vs pc

Consoles vs PC, who’s the real winner?   The Consoles vs PC debate has been going around for a couple of years and most of the times the arguments that most people raise are dead ends and don’t arrive to a specific conclusion. Here is a simplified version of the debate stating ...

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