• Android L Preview
    Bugs found in Android L Preview

    Errors in Android L Preview It’s obvious that the developer version of Android L ...

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  • onewear
    One Wear – HTC’s First Smartwatch

    One wear After every other mainstream smartphone developer is in the mist of introducing an ...

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  • xbox one getting better
    Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

    Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console ...

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  • apple carplay
    Apple CarPlay – The four wheeler iOS

    Apple CarPlay Apple today announces that it is in the process of releasing CarPlay. CarPlay is ...

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  • gtx 800m
    Multiple OEMs launch new laptops with Nvidia GTX 800M Series Graphics

    Nvidia’s latest Graphic Solution for Laptops, The GeForce GTX 800M Series   After a ...

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Apple WatchOS Gets Better

watchos 2

Apple WatchOS The $800 smart watch by apple got a lot of new features with the new watchOS 2 update. A lot of people liked the watch hardware wise but thought that it clearly lacked a lot of features that an android smart watch could offer you. Apple has tried to fill this gap with... Read More

Two Faced Luxury Apple Watch


Apple Watch When you add the word “luxury” with the Apple Watch you can already assume that this is something wild. With an already big price tag on the Apple Watch, it is already more of a luxury item than a smartwatch. A U.S watchmaker Nico Gerard has attached an Apple Watch to ...

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Samsung 11k Display | Will Mimic 3D

samsung 11k display

Samsung 11k Display Even though this is strictly a rumour, it seems like insane news. Samsung is said to be working with a number of companies to bring a 11k display to its smartphone. We don’t even have a 4K display yet in our smartphones but don’t be overwhelmed because Samsung ...

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Android On Body Detection


Google’s New Security Feature Google has taken things to the next level by introducing a new security feature for android smartphones. The new security feature is a part of android’s ‘smart lock’ feature introduced in android 5.0, which previously had features like ...

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LG Watch Urbane | The Premium Android Wear

watch urbane

LG Watch Urbane Android wear just started off recently and is not quite yet in everyone’s wrist. However, LG made another move on its smart watch series and introduced the LG Watch Urbane. LG believes that this particular smart watch would not only target the tech enthusiasts by making it ...

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Google Now Integrates Third Party Apps

Google now wallpaper

Google Now Google Now has been around for quite some while now. For those of you who don’t know, its the app integrated in your Google search for Android devices with 4.1+. It displays notifications in the form of cards stacked one after the other. Previously, it included only important ...

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Windows 10 For Mobiles & Tablets

windows 10

Windows 10 Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next hit on its operating systems. A direct jump from 8.1 brings in a lot of new features with a unified name for all. Hence, the mobile, tablet and PC versions of the operating system will all be called Windows 10. Though not an entire fail, windows ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition with Denuvo DRM


Denuvo DRM A few days before the premiere of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we know that PC version of the game will use newest DRM Denuvo. It is the third – after Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15 – that uses that system.

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Project Cars delayed to March 2015

Project Cars

Project Cars delayed to March 2015   Bad news for sim racing fans: Project Cars has been delayed to March 2015 for all platforms; PC, Xbox One, and the Wii U. This news was first posted on reddit and later confirmed by a press release. Delay was primarily to steer away from the competitive ...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch for $60 (expired)


Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is the same watch that Samsung released a couple of months ago for about $250. Currently, this same watch is being sold for $120 – $150 on Amazon and other online sites. But, BestBuy has risen-up their game and are selling this brand new ...

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