• iphone 6 top five
    Top 5 reasons I don’t like the new iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 – The Real Side I know a couple of people are going to hate me for this but here ...

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  • onewear
    One Wear – HTC’s First Smartwatch

    One wear After every other mainstream smartphone developer is in the mist of introducing an ...

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  • tasker
    The Best Android App – Tasker (Sorry iPhone users)

    Best Android App – Use it to feel the Power Tasker is a must app for all Android users. I ...

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  • theme your android
    Theme Android like a Pro – Google Play Edition

    Google Play Edition theme What fun is that to download a themer app and theme your phone with ...

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  • Android L Preview
    Bugs found in Android L Preview

    Errors in Android L Preview It’s obvious that the developer version of Android L ...

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Top Reasons To Buy HTC One M8

reasons to buy htc one m8

HTC’s new flagship device, the HTC One M8 has catched the eye of every smartphone enthusiast. Still there are people who are not convinced by the new HTC One M8, by the book there might be some flaws in the phone but practically it stands out to be an amazing device. This article is in... ...

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Best TV Tracker App for Android

tv tracker app

TV Tracker App Keeping a track of all your tv programs can sometimes be quite a job, specially when you are on a season streak watching different shows one after the other. It also happens that we don’t know about some of the great programs out there due to regional differences. To keep a ...

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Android App Review: EvolveSMS


EvolveSMS: Hands down the best SMS Client   EvolveSMS is developed by Klinker Apps, known for their popular apps; Talon and Sliding Messaging. EvolveSMS is a pumped up version of the latter, with many new features and improvements as well as meeting the new guidelines of Android 4.4 ...

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Google Reveals Android Wear – The Smartwatch OS

android wear

Google Android Wear Today Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system specifically designed for a smartwatch. Google has now geared up with different fashion industries, chip manufacturers and other hardware companies to create the ultimate series of a smartwatch.   Features The UI of ...

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iOS 7.1 – What’s New, worth an upgrade ?

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ios 7.1

iOS 7.1 Apple announces the update for the iOS on Monday 10th March 2014. The version carries the name iOS 7.1 and packs along some noticeable changes compared to the previous version of iOS. The changes beautify the user experience and make the overall UI look a lot better than before. So lets ...

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Google Project Ara – The Modular Smartphone

google project ara beta

The Google Project Ara Google has reportedly been working on a modular smartphone project, codenamed as the “Project Ara”. If you have been saving up for a good smartphone and still not sure whether if your new phone will be worth it after a month ? Then you might like the idea ...

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Perfection through Customization. Part 2: Android Widgets

android launcher

Spice Up Your Home-screen with android widgets   One of the main things that sets Android apart from other operating systems, especially iOS, is the ability to add widgets to the home screen. But the annoying thing is that there is plethora of them at the Play Store making it difficult to ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 – All you need to know

Galaxy S5

Much was expected from the new galaxy s5 before its release. Samsung fanboys had their hopes quite high and had represented some stunning concepts as well. Not sure if they are satisfied enough now but the Galaxy S5 does not pack a lot new in terms of looks. There is no 2K display either as... ...

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Perfection through Customization. Part 1: Android Launchers.

android launcher

Picking the Best Android Launcher   After buying a new phone or tablet most of us would start installing their favourite apps and then leave their devices as it is; heck not even changing the wallpaper. While some people would first start customizing, modding every nook and cranny inside ...

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Activate Guest mode for Android

guest mode for android

We always come across situations when some of our friends might need our mobile phone. They might need it for an urgent call mostly. Now it would be annoying if he took your phone and misused or stalk around your personal/confidential data. You might have worked hard on making your homescreen ...

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