• shutdown usb
    Make an Auto Shutdown USB

    Auto Shutdown USB Before you learn how to make an auto shutdown USB, it is important to know ...

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  • focover
    The Fallout Mod For GTA V

    Experience GTA V With A Fallout Mod With the release of Fallout 4 everyone has been going nuts ...

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The Fallout Mod For GTA V


Experience GTA V With A Fallout Mod With the release of Fallout 4 everyone has been going nuts about the game talking about it over and over. The reason why all gamers like Fallout a lot is because of the freedom of gameplay and its mechanics. There is now a fallout mod available for GTA... Read More

PlayStation Plus | Vote To Play


PlayStation Plus Members Can Now Vote PlayStation plus members could previously get a free game every month but they had no say in what game would be free for them. However, now PlayStation Plus members get to vote among the possible games that can go free for the month. According to the ...

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Xbox Elite Controller Isn’t Expensive


Xbox Elite Controller The xbox elite controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC was unveiled at e3 2015 by Microsoft. The elite controller is priced at $150 dollars and while many would argue, the price is justified and the controller is not expensive for what it has to offer. There are some ...

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GTA 5 First Person Mod Delayed PC Release?


GTA 5 For PC We all, specifically the PC gaming community are well aware of the fact that how much GTA 5 was delayed for release. At first none of us actually believed that the game would ever come for PC. I did make mention of its release in my previous articles but people thought... Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition with Denuvo DRM


Denuvo DRM A few days before the premiere of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we know that PC version of the game will use newest DRM Denuvo. It is the third – after Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15 – that uses that system.

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Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor Ending?


Shadow of Mordor Ending Gone Lame I might have come slightly late on this topic but I recently ended the game. Being the first game based on the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ universe it did great. The whole game was awesome, story line, game-play tactics inspired from other games etc, but ...

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Project Cars delayed to March 2015

Project Cars

Project Cars delayed to March 2015   Bad news for sim racing fans: Project Cars has been delayed to March 2015 for all platforms; PC, Xbox One, and the Wii U. This news was first posted on reddit and later confirmed by a press release. Delay was primarily to steer away from the competitive ...

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Swing Copters is harder than Flappy Birds

swing copters

Swing Copters – Damn it’s even harder The whole world is aware of one of the most popular games of all time, Flappy Birds! This was also one of the most hated games of all time and one of the most addictive games too. The only motive of the person who made this game was... Read More

Ryse Son Of Rome For PC

Ryse Son of Rome for PC

Ryse Son of Rome For those of you who do not know, Ryse Son of Rome is an Xbox One exclusive with a great cinematic third person gameplay. The game has been confirmed to come for PC on October 10 2014. There is absolutely no doubt that every PC gamer (including me) is excited for... Read More

XBook One for $1500 (Xbox One Laptop)


Xbox One Gaming Laptop (The Xbook One) Before starting off, let me tell you guys that XBook One is not an official product by Microsoft; instead it has been made by a self-taught engineer name Ed Zarick. He is basically a firefighter who loves to do different projects in his spare time. ...

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