Mar 16, 2016

Bugs found in Android L Preview

Android L Preview

Errors in Android L Preview

It’s obvious that the developer version of Android L wouldn’t be 100% perfect. And, that’s the reason why Google launched it earlier so that develops can test it and share their experiences in a community on Google+ called ‘Android L Developer Preview‘. I was about to unlock my Nexus 5 and install this version on it because I couldn’t resist the cool features L has. But, I didn’t do it because I found out a couple of serious issues with it that other developers have shared in the Developer community. So, let’s go ahead and talk about these bugs and errors in Android L Preview.


1) Camera Crashing

Many developers in the Android L Developer Preview community have reported the crashing of the Camera app. This happens whenever you try to record a video on a Nexus 5 (with Android L beta version). Now, this was the biggest reason I didn’t flashed the Android L Preview version on my Nexus 5. People have tried downloading other camera apps from the Play Store but it still crashes whenever they try to use the video camera.

Android L Preview


2) Crashing Apps

The beta version of Android L has just been launched a couple of hours ago and developers have also found some errors that contribute to app crashing. Netflix has been known to crash randomly:


Android L Preview


People are also having some real trouble with the Dropbox app. It often crashes with that annoying message appearing on the screen: ‘Unfortunately, Dropbox has stopped!


Android L Preview

Even if you somehow get inside the app, you won’t be able to use it because of this message that would pop up whenever to try to connect to the server: ‘Can’t connect to Dropbox. Make sure you’re online, or try again later‘.


Android L Preview


3) Error installing some Apps

This might seem weird but the Android L Preview is having trouble installing some apps. You might be shocked to know that these apps are from Google itself. Developers have found out that an error shows up whenever they try to download ‘Google Docs’ and ‘Google Sheets’ from the Play Store. The error says: ‘Unknown error code during application install: “-112″‘! Well, I don’t know why Android L Preview is having trouble downloading Google’s own apps. Still, no one should be strictly blamed for all these bugs right now because as we all know it’s just a developer version of the upcoming Android L.

Android L Preview


4) Typing Glitches

A few people are also having trouble typing in certain apps. This person says that he found some glitches and bugs when swiping on the keyboard.


Android L Preview


5) Weird transparent background in Facebook App (Nexus 7)

This bug was found by a Nexus 7 user after he installed the Android L Preview. He stated that whenever he clicked to view all comments in the Facebook app, the background would become transparent. (See the image below)

Android L Preview


A couple more bugs…

A lot of people have complained that they have experienced slight lag and stutter while installing apps on the Nexus 5 with Android L developer version. A couple of other minor bugs were also found such as the missing of ‘delete all notifications button’. Now, Google might have intentionally removed the delete all notification button from the notifications bar, but that was certainly a useful feature and I guess people want it back. See the image below to know what others are saying:

{UPDATE: Vibrate function is also not working throughout the operating system.}

Android L Preview

But, we need to keep in mind that this is just a beta version on the upcoming Android L. And, Google released it earlier so that developers can find out these errors and let Google know! We appreciate your work Google!

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