Mar 16, 2016

Block Facebook Invites or Just Get Rid of People

block facebook invites

Facebook is Great

Facebook is great! Well, sometimes. Lately, it seems like everyone is inviting us to play a game of Candy Crush or they are either inviting us to a weird event; it’s time to put an end to all of this. But, don’t worry because today I’m going to show you how to block Facebook invites and get rid of annoying people.

Blocking People

Maybe it’s a distant relative, an old friend or maybe even a creepy stalker; they can quickly be blocked in the Privacy shortcut menu. You will find this by clicking on the lock icon next to the notification button and selecting the ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’ option. Then, just enter the person’s name or email address and click Block. They will then be unable to view your profile, message you, or see comments you leave on other profiles. They will also be unfriend-ed if you were previously friends with them. Now let’s see how we can block Facebook invites.

A little too harsh to block a person? Block Facebook Invites


block facebook invites

But, blocking a person might seem a little too harsh. So, let’s use the ‘Block Facebook Invites’ technique to get rid of those annoying app invitations. If you enter the settings menu (inside the drop down menu besides lock icon) and click on the blocking tab, you will find even more options. From here you can add to restrictive list that will only show them posts you make public. And, you can also block things like event and app invites for a SPECIFIC USER. Perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to block certain apps. Within the blocking tab, simply type the name of the app you would like to block within the ‘Block apps’ feature and it will be gone! And, it will no long be able to access your Facebook information and you will no longer receive those annoying invites.

Enjoy Your Facebook Life

Finally, you can go Facebook-ing in peace. Well, at least until somebody tags you to an awkward photo (I wish Facebook had a solution for that too). If you have any questions you can reach me at ‘Facebook’ :p. And, by the way that’s basically how you can block Facebook invites, and get rid of stalkers.

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