Mar 16, 2016

Best TV Tracker App for Android

tv tracker app

TV Tracker App

Keeping a track of all your tv programs can sometimes be quite a job, specially when you are on a season streak watching different shows one after the other. It also happens that we don’t know about some of the great programs out there due to regional differences. To keep a track of the situation you need a TV Tracker App.

All these problems are solved with a tv tracker app for android called “Cliffhanger”.

NOTE: This app is removed from playstore … try SeriesGuide instead.


Simply install the app on your android smartphone and add your favorite shows on it. The app would also show you the trending tv series whether they be old or new. Once added the app will notify you with any upcoming shows of your favorite tv series. The interface is very clean and you can swipe around app to check the upcoming, recent and watchlist tab.

The upcoming tab shows the featured tv series on top … In my case it would be Game of Thrones. Other episodes are neatly there in a tile style.


Screenshot_2014-04-01-19-52-27 Tv tracker app





















Recent and watchlist tabs are in similar fashion. You can add as many shows as you like and there is no restriction on the number of shows added in this tv tracker app. You can also view all these tabs offline as well but cannot search for other tv series without an internet connection.


Tv tracker app Tv tracker app




















You can check through the episodes watched and the app updates all data automatically.


The only thing that I don’t like about the app is that there is no option to sync your data. App data is not synced in anyway to your accounts and all data is lost on an uninstall. That can be annoying for a person like me who would try out different roms on his mobile on regular basis.

However, the UI and functionality of this tv tracker app has no parallel.

You can download Cliffhanger here.


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