Mar 16, 2016

Best Free Web Hosting Sites for Beginners

best free web hosting

Best Free Web Hosting

If you are thinking of starting a new website or want to experiment for a few months before going premium then you should be at a lookout for these free web hosting sites.
I have personally tested all these free web hosting services and some of them were told to me by my friend.



I would rate byethost as the best free hosting provider. The reason why is because they have the best customer support among all others even to their free customers.
There are no advertisements by the hosting company with a daily hit limit of 20,000. There is no time limit of any sort either, I did experience some problems with it in January 2014 but after that they have allotted more resources to their free hosting and I would rate it as the best free web hosting available.

You can get a great user friendly cpanel along with 1Gb space and 50Gb bandwidth.

Since I have personally been using byethost and they seem to have a great social background as well, I would totally recommend it to you.



I have also used for a little time … The reason why the time span was little is because they have a low social background and thought of not using it. Nevertheless it is still a great free web hosting company which claims to give you unlimited bandwidth and storage.

In the short time span that I used this free hosting I never faced any problem … I would totally recommend it for small scale new site testing but it would be better not to use it for a longer term.



Another great company providing free web hosting but it didn’t work for me when I was trying to install WordPress on it, for some reason the installation hanged in the middle.
However, a friend of mine has been using it for over 6 months for his WordPress site and it works just fine for him.

They do have a very good customer support as well. You get a user friendly cpanel with 10Gb disk space and 100Gb bandwidth.

I can give you no surety of its stability personally but it is safe in enough to give it a shot.



I have used all these free hosting sites and they are all the best free solutions available in my opinion. They all should work with WordPress but my personal recommendation would be byethost. They will all allow you to park your own domains to the web host as well, I used a godaddy domain with all three of them and it worked fine.

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