Mar 16, 2016

Best Android Wear Smart Watch Apps

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Android Wear – It’s just the beginning

I have the LG G watch on my wrist ever since I bought it on Black Friday. To be honest, I sometimes wear it even when I am at home. That’s some hardcore addiction! You can check out my LG G Watch first impression article. Today, I am going to show you guys’ different ways you can use your Android Wear smart watch.

Must Have Apps for Android Wear

There are tons of apps for your Smartwatch that basically run together with your phone, but there are also stand-alone apps that you can directly install on the watch itself and can be used on the watch itself.

I you have the watch; you probably know that there are a variety of android wear apps separately categorized for the Smartwatch in the Google Play store. The first thing I suggest you to do, if you have an Android Wear watch is to go to the Play Store and the app Wear Store for Android Wear on your phone. As clear by the name, this app basically consolidates all the applications that either support Android Wear or are made specifically for them.

In order to access apps on your Android Wear smart watch, first you need to tap on the screen, scroll to the bottom and press start. You have to do this every time you want to start a specific application. So why not install Wear Mini Launcher on the watch that would let you access all your apps just by swiping to the right from your watch face. You can technically also start your apps by using the voice feature, but you don’t always want to do that, so Wear launcher is a solution.

Bunting is a great app for Android Wear that lets you tweet anything through your twitter account just by using voice recognition feature on the watch. I don’t use twitter that often, so I hope developers soon make a similar Facebook app.

Wear Audio Recorder is a stand-alone app for your Android Wear smart watch that lets you secretly record audio through your watch. I simply love this app; nothing else to say. You know how, when and where to use it. Just a handy little app I wanted to share!

If you know what Tasker is then might not want to miss this Android Wear app. Tockle lets you trigger your Tasker tasks on your phone through the watch. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to read my article on How to Use Tasker.

A New Watch Everyday!

Another benefit of having a smartwatch is that you can switch to different looking watch faces that suits your look or clothing on a particular day. A black retro styled watch face was just perfect with a suit and a tie during a presentation I had to give in school. On the other hand, I have appreciated by a couple of people a blue watch face seemed just right with a blue shirt on a party last Sunday. You can basically get a fell of wearing a new watch every day.

android wear

My Advice: Don’t download this app called Flopsy Droid on your watch. Just don’t download it! Don’t go into that Flappy Bird zone again! LoL!

Be sure to share your favorite Android Wear apps in the comments below.

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