Mar 16, 2016

The Best Android App - Tasker (Sorry iPhone users)


Best Android App – Use it to feel the Power

Tasker is a must app for all Android users. I bet many of who are reading this article didn’t know about this app before. Or, maybe you might have heard about it but never used it or knew what it is capable of doing. The reason I call tasker the best android app is because with this app you can make your Android device do whatever you want, whenever you want and where ever you want. Confused? This article will be a quick overview of this extremely powerful app that can take your smartphone to a whole knew level. So, let’s begin and talk about the best Android App.

What Does Tasker Do?

Tasker performs specific tasks that are basically sets of basic actions based on Contexts (application, time, date , location, event, voice command, gesture, shortcut, widget press/timer expiry). Contexts are implemented into groups and are then connected to tasks to make Profiles. When all of the contexts in a Profile are active, its Enter task runs. When it’s no longer active, it’Exit task runs. In short, it performs specify tasks on your smartphone automatically; when required.

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Example Profile

(Application) Browser

              (Time) 9:00 – 17:00

Enter Task:

              (Setting) WiFi On

              Flash: “Happy Browsing”

Exit Task:

              Flash: “Goodbye”

What this Profile Does?

When the application Browser is started between 9:00 and 17:00, WiFi is automatically enabled and “Happy Browsing” flashes up briefly. When Browser is no longer running, or the time is no longer between 9:00 and 17:00, “Goodbye” flashes up briefly and WiFi is restored to its previous setting (because WiFi is a settings action, which are automatically restored).

More Information

I will soon be starting a Tasker Tutorial series where I’ll be posting different tasks and useful tasker profiles.

  • The Online Tour is a good starting place.
  • The introductory walk-throughs on the Tasker Wiki are strongly recommended.
  • You can download profiles for common tasks via Menu / Browse Profiles
  • Tasker also includes a built-in Userguide plus a help text for each screen, accessed via the Menu key.
  • See the User Support info (in TASKER app) if you have questions or problems.

[Source: Tasker App Guide]

Sorry iPhone Users

Apple Store doesn’t have this app yet. Are iPhones not powerful enough to handle this app? I would say that iPhone users are definitely missing out something amazing!

This is why I think Tasker is best Android app. Click here to Download 14 day free TASKER trial, or buy the full version for $2.99 below:

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