Mar 16, 2016

Windows Phone gets Beats Music on 24th January

Beats Music

Beats audio has long been a charm for Htc smartphones until recently we got to know that there shall now be no beats sponsored smartphones in the market by Htc. Later, a music streaming app was released officially for Android and iOS users. Which got the name of Beats Music.


What’s cool about Beats Music ?

  1. Beats Music is a very unique music streaming app, all you have to do is to hit play and listen to music of your need at that time.
  2. A library of over 20 million songs, from every genre.
  3. Listen instantly or save for offline music later.
  4. You are able to get the latest highlights on the music industry and check out what is going on latest.
  5. The very obvious cool feature … its Beats official app.

The app is a subscription service for a monthly charge of 9.99$, however, you are given a 7 day free trial to test it out.

Now finally the release date for this app has been announced for Windows Phone users. Not only is this a good news for the Windows Phone users, but also this is an indication of the fact that Windows Phone are not being neglected from the awesome apps enjoyed by other platforms. 24th of January is the official release date for Beats Music on Windows Phone.


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If you are currently an android user or an iOS user you can download the app from the links below. Test out the 7 day free trial and see if you are willing to pay the subscription fee later on. Even though there are many other apps in the marker, one of which would be SoundHound, however, knowing this if Beats Music is released then there is definitely  something to look out for.

Download link for Android:

Download link for iOS: