How to Run Assembly Programs on Keil uVision5 [VIDEO]

keil uvision5

Keil uVision5 is a great program that allow you to run and test your Assembly Programs. If you are taking a Microprocessors class in college and learning the basics of Assembly Language, Keil uVision5 would definitely be a great help. The video below shows how to setup up the program (startup ...

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Plan and Rule the College with Straight A’s


Intelligently Plan the Future Before I share some tips on how to get straight A’s during a semester, I would like to tell that it’s easier than you think and you don’t even need to work hard at all if you plan things ahead of time. I am taking one of the hardest engineering ...

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How to Run Ubuntu from a USB drive


Live Bootable Ubuntu USB In this tutorial we will be running Ubuntu (Linux) from a USB device on a Windows PC. Without wasting time let’s get started! Follow the steps below and you would be good to go: 1) Download Ubuntu from their website. Here is the direct link to download Ubuntu 14.04.2 ...

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Make Your Own “” Website (NJIT Students Only)


How To Make your own website? Do you know you can make your own website for free if you are an NJIT student, under the domain name I know most of you were not aware of this and maybe some of you might not believe. If not then you can go to your... Read More

Make an Auto Shutdown USB

shutdown usb

Auto Shutdown USB Before you learn how to make an auto shutdown USB, it is important to know that this is just for educational purposes and can be considered illegal if used on certain private PCs. Therefore, I take no responsibility if you get in trouble with this. [Use with caution] The setup ...

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Common Mistakes Amateurs make in Billiards


Mistakes Beginners Make while playing Billiards Billiards is a great sport that tests both your physical and mental abilities during the game. This is game isn’t about shooting balls in the pockets with a stick; it is all about how you control the game by planning the upcoming shots ...

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Best Android Wear Smart Watch Apps

android wear

Android Wear – It’s just the beginning I have the LG G watch on my wrist ever since I bought it on Black Friday. To be honest, I sometimes wear it even when I am at home. That’s some hardcore addiction! You can check out my LG G Watch first impression article. Today, I am going... ...

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Arduino Project # 2 – Touch-less Switch

arduino project

Arduino Project – Touch Me Not I modified the Arduino project from the Arduino Starter Kit (Touch Sensor Lamp). Now it lights up an LED when your hand is close on the aluminium foil (without even touching it). This can be used as a ‘Touch-less Switch’. I just did it because it ...

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LG G Watch: A great extension to Android Phones

lg g watch

LG G Watch The first thing I would mention is that I would never buy a watch for $229. Doesn’t matter if it’s a smart watch! A watch for $229 is just not affordable for many people. Being a tech enthusiast, I decided to by the LG G watch on Black Friday when it was... Read More

OnePlus One after 1 month

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One Journey I received my OnePlus One exactly a month ago from now and I have been using it since then. I had my all favorite nexus 5 before as I was a hardcore nexus fan until the overpriced Nexus 6 came. Well, let’s try to stay on topic and not get into... Read More