Officially get a free Nokia Lumia

Free Nokia Lumia

This is not just a random bogus article to attract in your attention towards the website. In Fact, it is actually official news by Microsoft themselves. Microsofts struggles to take your mind off from the mainstream platforms and give windows phone a shot. Even though I would not consider ...

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Microsoft Kinect to guard the Korean border

Microsoft Kinect

Koreans have put the Kinect to good use and have decided that Kinect should be used to guard the Korean border.   Microsoft Kinect to guard the Korean border from now on is an example of creativity by the Koreans.   Microsoft Kinect would scan the border and see who passes by. If its ...

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Pizza Hut Xbox App makes $1 Million

Pizza Hut Xbox App

Pizza and gaming make the perfect combination and we must thank Pizza hut to understand that. The new Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360 has reached much fame in a short span of time and given the company a huge sale benefit as well.   According to Pizza Hut, they were able to make $1... Read More

Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications

scentee smelly smartphone notifications

  Notified with a smell ? Now that is certainly something new. Your smartphone can notify you with a sound or a vibration … but what if you were able to smell your notifications ?. As strange as it sounds, its actually true. You can now smell your notifications with “Scentee ...

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Lenovo buys Motorola from Google

Lenovo buys motorola from google

It has been officially announced by Google that Lenovo will be buying Motorola from them at an estimated price of $2.9 Billion.   The rumour of such happenings was already out not long ago until Google officially announced it.   Lenovo buys Motorola from Google at a price of $2.9 ...

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How to watch 3D Movies on PC

Watch 3D Cheap

3D movies can be a lot of fun to watch. However, not everyone has the necessary expensive equipment needed in order to watch a 3D movie. So I was able to find a way on “How to watch 3D Movies on PC”. The process is as simple as it sounds. The method we have used... Read More

Windows Phone gets Beats Music on 24th January

Beats Music

Beats audio has long been a charm for Htc smartphones until recently we got to know that there shall now be no beats sponsored smartphones in the market by Htc. Later, a music streaming app was released officially for Android and iOS users. Which got the name of Beats Music.   What’s ...

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Rumor: GTA V PC Release Date 2014

GTA V PC Release Date

Where the console gamers have already finished playing GTA V and enjoyed the multiplayer, the PC gamers still await the game’s release. GTA V was released around mid September 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360. It was one of the biggest hit and rockstar games was able to get the honour of the ...

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