Best Android Anti Theft Apps – Save Insurance Money

android anti theft

Android Anti Theft Apps vs Insurance Mobile theft has increased over the past few years owing to the heavy price tag on some of the smartphones we own. While it is best to have insurance for your smartphone, it can still be costly and the insurance terms can be annoying. You can install these ...

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Gameboy 25th Birthday – Thank You Nintendo !

gameboy 25th birthday

25 Years of Gameboy So today is Gameboy 25th Birthday, well I am not really old enough to talk in a nostalgic way about Gameboy, but I got my Gameboy Advance SP at the age of 8 which is 10 years from now. Back then it was one of things I wanted most for portable... Read More

Three Best Android Music Players

android music player

Android Music Players One of the perks of owning an android smartphone is the huge third party app support. If you are not satisfied with your current music app then consider these three replacement apps which will serve you best. Here are my three favorite android music players.   #1 ...

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HIS Radeon R9 295X2 8GB Liquid Cooler Review

r9 295x2

HIS Radeon R9 295X2 HIS recently announced the new R9 295X2 8Gb Liquid Cooler and claim it to be the world’s fastest graphic card.   Specs   The gpu has a core clock of up to 1018 MHz along with 8Gb ddr5 memory clocked in at 5000 MHz. The memory interface being a twin 512... Read More

The 5 Best Android Time Wasters – 2014

best android timewasters

The Best Android Time Wasters Waiting at a shopping mall, waiting for your car to get washed or any other boring activity ? Then you need these apps on your Android smartphone to waste your time. So here are the five best android time wasters, apps are in no particular order of preference and ...

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Stop people from using WiFi with WiFiKill for Android

Wifi Kill for android

WiFiKill There are situations when you are doing something important and people you share your WiFi with are doing some rather less important things. Loss in bandwidth can be annoying for you and you might want to kill their WiFi in that case. WiFiKill does that job just right. The app can also ...

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Suggested GTA V System Requirements

GTA V PC Release Date

GTA V Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One ? It has rumored yet again that GTA V might finally arrive to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Most of you might have read the article by BehindGames‘s website where the author shared the rumor on GTA V’s release. There is no official word from Rockstar... ...

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Sequels that would look awesome as Next Gen Games

next gen games

Next Gen Games All game titles with added stunning visuals and enhanced physx is what we would refer to as next gen titles or next gen games. In this article I just wanted to mention some games that I have played in the past and would want to play their sequels as a next gen... Read More

Best Sports Apps for Android

best sports apps

Best Sports Apps Keeping a track of your favorite sports can sometimes be tricky, with a whole bunch of apps available on the Android Playstore there are only a few which work best. All the apps are tested by me and trust me I have even tried the worst ones to write this article, without... Read More

Android App to Fix Dead Pixel

fix dead pixel

Fix Dead Pixel Dead Pixels can show up on a display, reasons vary every time. It can sometimes be a hardware fault or it can so happen that a pixel or a bunch of them got stuck. Stuck pixels are fairly easy to cure. If you happen to experience dead or stuck pixels on your... Read More