The $1300 Selfie Camera – Casio TR35

casio tr35 selfie camera

Casio TR35 Selfie Camera Up till now the only product of concern by Casio for a teenager would have been a calculator. I myself was not familiar with the fact that cameras made specifically for taking a selfie actually existed. However, recently I got to know about the Casio TR35. The TR35 is a ...

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Best Ways To Save Battery On Android

save battery on android

Save Battery On Android I have long been trying to find the right app to save battery on my android phone and honestly speaking none of them actually worked for me. You might have already seen articles showing lists of randomly chosen battery saving apps, straight from the Playstore mashed up ...

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Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

alienware alpha

Alienware Alpha At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can think of it as PC Console which currently runs on a themed Windows 8.1 to give gamers a console feel. It is possible that it might later run at Steam OS. Users can connect their Xbox controllers with ...

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Android Apps For FIFA World Cup 2014

android apps for fifa worldcup

FIFA World Cup 2014 So the world cup has finally started and everyone has high hopes from the teams they support. It is therefore best to gear up your smartphone with android apps for FIFA World Cup 2014. You can use these apps in various ways to keep your enthusiasm for the game at its... Read More

Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

xbox one getting better

Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console is better”, so I am not going to talk over it again. However, recent Xbox One updates don’t make it a bad choice at all. Not only is Microsoft putting in consistent efforts towards ...

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One Wear – HTC’s First Smartwatch


One wear After every other mainstream smartphone developer is in the mist of introducing an android wearable HTC finally plays its card. The one wear will be HTC’s first ever smartwatch and will be a market rival to the Moto 360.   Release date One wear is expected to reach the ...

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iPhone 6 Leaks – The 10 Day Roundup

iphone 6 leaks

iPhone 6 Leaks Ten days from now I shared some iPhone 6 Leaked Images and Rumors. So after ten days its time to add in another article summarizing all the iPhone 6 leaks that we got. If you have not read the old article and wish to read it, click here. In my previous articles... Read More

Google Glass Gets A Cheap Competitor – The Epson Moverio

epson moverio

Epson Moverio BT – 200 Smart Glass Epson, a company famous for its printing products, a company providing people with printers that run on ink bottles instead of cartridges is now here with a competitor for Google Glass. They call it the Epson Moverio BT – 200. The great thing about ...

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iPhone 6 Leaked Images and Rumors

iphone 6 leaks

Several rumors have followed regarding the release of a new larger display iPhone 6. Many leaked news point towards the possibility of getting two different sized iPhone’s, 5.5″ and 4.7″, none of these news are confirmed yet. Through twitter I managed to land at a french blog, ...

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Best Free Web Hosting Sites for Beginners

best free web hosting

Best Free Web Hosting If you are thinking of starting a new website or want to experiment for a few months before going premium then you should be at a lookout for these free web hosting sites. I have personally tested all these free web hosting services and some of them were told to me... Read More