Things iOS 8 Still Can Not Do


iOS 8 So with the release of iPhone 6, apple users finally get a hands on experience on iOS 8. While I appreciate the changes apple has included in its OS, it still lacks a lot of stuff that a smartphone OS can do. iOS 8 finally got support for third party keyboard apps which... Read More

Ryse Son Of Rome For PC

Ryse Son of Rome for PC

Ryse Son of Rome For those of you who do not know, Ryse Son of Rome is an Xbox One exclusive with a great cinematic third person gameplay. The game has been confirmed to come for PC on October 10 2014. There is absolutely no doubt that every PC gamer (including me) is excited for... Read More

OnePlus One Mocks Other Smartphones

htc one plus one

OnePlus One By now you might have been aware of the first ever cyanogen mod phone introduced by a company namely the OnePlus. For a brief summary, the phone is only available if you get an invite from OnePlus to buy it. So its a limited edition phone for now and you can’t buy it in... Read More

Three Apps To Track Expenses On Android


Track Expenses On Android If you happen to live on a fixed salary income, you would want to track your expenses. Luckily you can track expenses on android with these great apps. Use one of them or a combination of them, its totally up to you. Recording your expenses and managing them can be ...

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Experience Android L On Your Android

android l

Android L Experience You must be confused after reading the title I gave to this post. It is actually as literal as it sounds. You might not be able to get it on your phone as yet but you can definitely experience it visually. There are many apps that can achieve the same purpose but... Read More

Heart Rate Monitor – Without A Sensor

heart rate monitor

Heart Rate Monitor For Android And iOS One of the new and fancy features of the Galaxy S5 is their heart rate sensor. Which gives you the pulse rate by putting your finger on the sensor. The good news is that you can do this with your smartphone as well without the need of a... Read More

Google Cardboard – Cheapest Virtual Reality

google cardboard

What is ‘Google Cardboard’ ? Google Cardboard in short is a piece of cardboard fixed with two pieces of specialized lenses. Google laid the future of its tech on Google I/O this year by showcasing its upcoming Android L, Android T.V and Wear. In that process they showcased something ...

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Windows 9 – Official Leaks & Analysis

windows 9

Windows 9 Microsoft is now working on its new OS which is due release later in 2015. Whether if it will be called Windows 9 or not is uncertain but since there is no word on it, I followed the convention like everyone else to call it Windows 9. Developers at Microsoft codename it ...

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Google Project Ara Beta Testing Announced

google project ara beta

Google Project Ara Beta A few months back I talked about Google’s upcoming modular smartphone the ‘Project Ara‘. Google will now be sending 100 of these modular smartphones to beta testers around the world. This means that you can not sign up for it now and be among the 100 ...

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Remove Ads From Android Apps – AdAway

remove ads from android apps

AdAway AdAway has been my all time favorite app since the day I rooted my first android phone. If you are annoyed by all those adverts popping on your face while playing a game or using any other app on android, then AdAway is your solution. It is an open source app that allows you... Read More