LG Watch Urbane | The Premium Android Wear

watch urbane

LG Watch Urbane Android wear just started off recently and is not quite yet in everyone’s wrist. However, LG made another move on its smart watch series and introduced the LG Watch Urbane. LG believes that this particular smart watch would not only target the tech enthusiasts by making it ...

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Google Now Integrates Third Party Apps

Google now wallpaper

Google Now Google Now has been around for quite some while now. For those of you who don’t know, its the app integrated in your Google search for Android devices with 4.1+. It displays notifications in the form of cards stacked one after the other. Previously, it included only important ...

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Windows 10 For Mobiles & Tablets

windows 10

Windows 10 Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next hit on its operating systems. A direct jump from 8.1 brings in a lot of new features with a unified name for all. Hence, the mobile, tablet and PC versions of the operating system will all be called Windows 10. Though not an entire fail, windows ...

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Photography Interviews: Hammad Iqbal

Hammad Iqbal Photography

Photography Interviews This is NullMag’s first interview into the “Photography Interview” series, where we interview photographers from around the world and share their art. The person to begin with is Mr. Hammad Iqbal. A muslim photographer who now resides in Qatar. His ...

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Things That Annoyed You In 2014


Stuff That Probably Annoyed You In 2014 The year 2014 brought some really awesome flagship smartphones along with a new flagship killer. It was all quite good but something about it probably annoyed you in 2014. Here is a list of items that annoyed a lot of people, including me in 2014.   ...

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GTA 5 First Person Mod Delayed PC Release?


GTA 5 For PC We all, specifically the PC gaming community are well aware of the fact that how much GTA 5 was delayed for release. At first none of us actually believed that the game would ever come for PC. I did make mention of its release in my previous articles but people thought... Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition with Denuvo DRM


Denuvo DRM A few days before the premiere of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we know that PC version of the game will use newest DRM Denuvo. It is the third – after Lords of the Fallen and FIFA 15 – that uses that system.

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Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor Ending?


Shadow of Mordor Ending Gone Lame I might have come slightly late on this topic but I recently ended the game. Being the first game based on the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ universe it did great. The whole game was awesome, story line, game-play tactics inspired from other games etc, but ...

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Seriesguide – Alternate To Cliffhanger

seriesguide apk download

Cliffhanger Cliffhanger was my all time favorite app to keep a track of my TV shows. Until one day I couldn’t login to the app and I found out that cliffhanger was removed from playstore. They simply vanished and I don’t know why. Never mind, I found a great new app as an ...

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Encrypted Messaging On Your Smartphone

encrypted messaging

Encrypted Messaging With everything getting leaked up and IM users increasing to millions, vulnerability is likely to be easier. Encrypted messaging makes sure that your secret stuff is delivered to only the intended users and no one else. Here are some recommended apps that you can use for ...

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