The iPhone 7 dual camera vs Htc Dual Camera


iPhone 7 Dual Camera So recently there has been word out on the tech blogs that the upcoming iPhone 7 plus might actually feature two cameras or a dual camera as I prefer to call it. We did recently go crazy about the release of Htc One A9 and how its design was so similar... Read More

The Fallout Mod For GTA V


Experience GTA V With A Fallout Mod With the release of Fallout 4 everyone has been going nuts about the game talking about it over and over. The reason why all gamers like Fallout a lot is because of the freedom of gameplay and its mechanics. There is now a fallout mod available for GTA... Read More

Apple WatchOS Gets Better

watchos 2

Apple WatchOS The $800 smart watch by apple got a lot of new features with the new watchOS 2 update. A lot of people liked the watch hardware wise but thought that it clearly lacked a lot of features that an android smart watch could offer you. Apple has tried to fill this gap with... Read More

Two Faced Luxury Apple Watch


Apple Watch When you add the word “luxury” with the Apple Watch you can already assume that this is something wild. With an already big price tag on the Apple Watch, it is already more of a luxury item than a smartwatch. A U.S watchmaker Nico Gerard has attached an Apple Watch to ...

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PlayStation Plus | Vote To Play


PlayStation Plus Members Can Now Vote PlayStation plus members could previously get a free game every month but they had no say in what game would be free for them. However, now PlayStation Plus members get to vote among the possible games that can go free for the month. According to the ...

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Samsung 11k Display | Will Mimic 3D

samsung 11k display

Samsung 11k Display Even though this is strictly a rumour, it seems like insane news. Samsung is said to be working with a number of companies to bring a 11k display to its smartphone. We don’t even have a 4K display yet in our smartphones but don’t be overwhelmed because Samsung ...

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Xbox Elite Controller Isn’t Expensive


Xbox Elite Controller The xbox elite controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC was unveiled at e3 2015 by Microsoft. The elite controller is priced at $150 dollars and while many would argue, the price is justified and the controller is not expensive for what it has to offer. There are some ...

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Alarmy – The Best Alarm App


Alarmy (Sleep If You Can) There are many apps available on your app store for alarms, whether it be android or iOS. However, after using a bunch of them myself Alarmy seems to be the best alarm app I have come across. This is my personal opinion for calling it the best alarm app but... Read More

Android On Body Detection


Google’s New Security Feature Google has taken things to the next level by introducing a new security feature for android smartphones. The new security feature is a part of android’s ‘smart lock’ feature introduced in android 5.0, which previously had features like ...

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Galaxy S6 – The Good And The Bad

galaxy s6

Galaxy S6 By this time you have probably already heard or read a lot about the Galaxy S6. Even if you have not then this article is going to serve you well. Galaxy S6 is the new born and better brother of the Galaxy S5. It was announced in the first week of March 2015... Read More