Mar 16, 2016

Assassin Creed Unity - All News in One Place

assassin creed unity

Assassin Creed Unity

This article should cover all the latest news and comings of the next Assassin Creed title, Assassin Creed Unity. I will try to cover all aspects of the game known to us so far and would be linking back to sources the information was taken from in this article. So lets begin.


Assassin Creed Unity is said to be the codename for the next project and the final name is uncertain. Apart from the gameplay, storyline has always been one of the key features for every Assassin Creed game. Assassin Creed Unity’s story will be based on the French revolution with a different Assassin’s Story. The Edward kenway line was already covered in Assassin Creed 3 and Black flag.

UbiSoft says that they have been working on Assassin Creed Unity since 3 years. The game would showcase the stunning next generation graphics and would only be available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners might experience another title instead codenamed “comet”. If UbiSoft have been working on this title since 3 years then I don’t understand the reason for a discontinued support for old gen consoles. Not to forget that this new title comes under the branding of UbiSoft’s “Next Gen Starts Here”.


The video trailer confirms that the game will only be available for Next Gen Consoles and PC. (Source: IGN)



Here are the leaked images taken from kotaku. The textures and colors look sort of “washed out”. However, these are only the alpha release screenshots and the game should look better later on. (Source: Kotaku)


Assassin Creed Unity


This screenshot and the others seem to have been taken from a Xbox One, note the button layout on the top right corner. The textures look washed out and the environment seems quite empty right now, that is because the game is not in its final stages yet. The map is also empty, once the game is finished it should turn out to be a stunning looking game, afterall, it is a next gen title.


Assassin Creed Unity


Here also you can notice the empty environment and the poor lighting textures.


assassin creed unity


Cant wait to climb that building, yet again I would like to mention that these are in no way the looks of the final version of this game. The images are leaks from the alpha gameplay footage only.


assassin creed unity


From what I judge from these screenshots, the assassin only has one pistol and one sword to use in combat. Its possible that the screenshots were from an earlier stage of gameplay. If we had the feature of dual swords and up to four handguns in Assassin Creed Black Flag, we might get that in Assassin Creed Unity. Not to forget that this assassin is a frenchman and the latter was a pirate.


Release Date

Assassin Creed Unity and Comet will both be released in the fourth quarter this year. Both Unity and Comet will be available for PC gamers, where as old console owners will only be limited to Comet as Unity is next gen consoles and pc exclusive.


Extra Info

Under the heading lets discuss my own analysis and the Assassin’s name. Our Assassin will be named “Arno”, the full name is unknown but he is not related to the Kenway family. This might or might not lead to dual pistols and swords, as they were pirate exclusives in Black Flag.

Last year UbiSoft released the Assassin Creed Black Flag and later a HD remake for Assassin Creed Liberation. Liberation was a boring title with hardly any interaction with the person handling the animus. Black Flag on the contrary was a huge hit and one of the first titles which was available on the next gen consoles. If you played through all the side missions outside the main missions in Black Flag, there was a fake email that we receive hinting to the upcoming storyline. There was mention about the French Revolution but that looked insanely off topic in the game itself.

UbiSoft deserve a thumbs up for delivering excellent titles in the Assassin Creed series every year across multiple platforms. Something that PC gamers should note is the fact that Assassin Creed Unity is being developed, keeping in mind the Next Gen Consoles. Even though its development started before the advent of next gen consoles, the current gen is being ignored for the next big hit. Hence, old PC’s might not do well and you might want to consider an upgrade. This is the point where UbiSoft loses its vote by the PC gamers, every game released after the other is more poorly optimized for PC than before. This leaves the PC gamers to wait for patches or simply stick to playing at lower graphics. Consoles here have the edge.

4K textures were released as patch for the PC version of Black Flag, lets see if this time Assassin Creed Unity is 4k ready or not.

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