Mar 16, 2016

Apple WatchOS Gets Better

watchos 2

Apple WatchOS

The $800 smart watch by apple got a lot of new features with the new watchOS 2 update.

A lot of people liked the watch hardware wise but thought that it clearly lacked a lot of features that an android smart watch could offer you.

Apple has tried to fill this gap with their new watchOS update. Here are some of the new features.

Nightstand Mode

If you leave your apple watch plugged in at night it can act as an alarm clock. A single touch can display you the time and the digital crown button can act as snooze button for your alarm.


Siri Implementations

Now through your watch you can ask siri for transit directions, thanks to the new maps application in iOS which finally supports public transport directions.

The short informational previews known as “Glance” can now directly be accessed by telling siri to show you a glance of a particular app. That saves time navigating to a particular glance.

Even though not through siri, but you can use your microphone to dictate a response to an email directly from your watch.


Third Party Apps

WatchOS 2 will now support third party apps. You will be able to install separate apps for your watch regardless of what exists on your paired iPhone.


Digital Crown Button

Another use of this button now is that you can scroll through it further in time and the watch displays the events or meetings you would have to attend at that particular time.


You can also now accept and dial calls on facetime directly through your watch.


Even though a lot of these features are what you would usually expect out of an expensive smartwatch, they didn’t exist before and people had been criticizing the apple watch. The new watchOS 2 update however takes care of these issues with the added functionality.

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