Mar 16, 2016

Apple Pay is more secure than Google Wallet

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Apple Pay or Google Wallet?

Apply Pay is not the first payment service offered by any company. Google Wallet has been in the game for a much longer time period. People say that checkout with Apple Pay is a breeze but, where it really wins is security. Unlike Google Wallet, Apple Pay uses tokenization that prevents merchants to see your credit card number. In an iPhone, these credit card tokens are hidden in a chip called the Secure Element (as stated by apple).  And, the beauty of this is that, this chip can only be access by your finger print, through the Touch ID. Now, that’s what I like about Apple Pay over Google Wallet as it is the only service that uses bio-metric security as a standard.
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As we know, Apple Pay was just released this year so right now there are just about 200 retailers that use Apple Pay as a checkout option. Also, you might have already guessed that Apply Pay is just available on the iPhones (Well, obviously!).

On the other hand, Google Wallet is equally easy to use but, quickly surpasses Apple Pays functionality, because with the Google Wallet app one can even store loyalty cards and gift cards. Plus, you can use the app to send money to friends. Google Wallet is also accepted by a lot of Online Retailers. Seems better than Apple Pay, right? But, the drawback is something called Host Card Emulation. Instead of storing your credit card information as encrypted tokens inside a chip in the phone, Google stores that data in the cloud. Now, this enables it to work with more devices but, it also opens doors to more security issues and hacking opportunities. Google Wallet also gives you the option to use a physical debit card. Read the article here!
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Both services are great, with Apple Pay being a little bit more secure than Google Wallet. On the other hand, Google Wallet is more user-friendly for providing more functionality to people with its app. Now, it’s a personally choice on which service you want to use. If you have a Google Android device you would more likely use Google Wallet. And, for an iPhone user, Apple Pay is the best and only choice to go with. No matter which service you choose, don’t throw your traditional wallets yet!

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