Mar 16, 2016

Apple iWatch Concept and Leaks

apple iwatch

Apple iWatch – Leaks

We managed to come across some leaks for the new smartwatch by Apple. It has come to our knowledge that apple is currently working on a display with solar panel in it. The main issue with a smartwatch is battery life. So to solve this issue Apple has come with an idea to include a solar panel in the display that charges the watch with exposure to sunlight. The cool thing here is that you will not be able to see that panel yourself. Whether or not this will affect the display quality of the watch is unknown.


The iWatch will work with a new Healthbook application running on your iPhone. This is presumed to be one of the key features of iOS 8. It will be able to track your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate) and you should get a display of calories burned, number of footsteps etc on your watch. The app will allow you to use a detailed weight loss plan and show you relevant data accordingly. Yet again this information also links to the sources of the possible release of iOS 8, which should be a direct jump from iOS 7.


The apple iWatch like all other smartwatchs will heavily depend on your iPhone. The major factor to consider is the price of this watch. You should sub with the fact that its an apple product so it is bound to be expensive. There are no sources yet that lead to the possible price of iWatch but having a look at the rival products, specially the Galaxy Note Gear, hopes are not much high for a low price.


Apple iWatch – Concept

I was browsing through some Apple iWatch concepts the other day and thought of sharing with you my favorite most concept. This is a video of a possible design for the rumored apple’s smartwatch.



The concept fantasies a curved glass that fits perfectly on your wrist with a rubber strap. The concept does not show or mention the functionality of some of the possible features that we got to know as leaks (Healthbook integration).

Here are some of images showing the same concept. ( Click to view gallery )

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Image Source: FuseChicken


If you happen to know any other news about watch, comment below and share your news/views about the watch.

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