Mar 16, 2016

Apple CarPlay - The four wheeler iOS

apple carplay

Apple CarPlay

Apple today announces that it is in the process of releasing CarPlay. CarPlay is a new way of how users interact with their iOS device whilst travelling in their car. The compatibility rests with iPhone 5 and above. Hence if you own an iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or an iPhone 5S you will be able to experience CarPlay.

All contents of your screen will be displayed on the car’s internal display. If the capability of touch exists in your car’s display then you can use it to control the options on your screen. However, owning the right iPhone is not the only thing you would require to experience CarPlay. There is a need to have the right car as well which will be compatible with CarPlay (discussed below in Limitations).

The number of users it will attract is very uncertain, especially considering the limited number of cars that will be having the feature and not to mention our regional differences. There is no word for now considering the regional compatibility, European countries and America is obviously going to have the feature but other regions might have to wait. Car manufacturers also play a huge role here. However, Apple has been able to create something exceptional and definitely a product that stands out from the mainstream tech we see these days.

Compatible cars with a voice command button on their steering wheel can use it to communicate with Siri, no need to hold down your iPhone’s home button here.


CarPlay – Maps





Not everyone is a huge fan of iOS maps and find google maps to be the better alternative instead but apple promises to improve the quality of their maps. They have hence integrated iOS Maps onto CarPlay. So now you will be able to access your iOS maps with turn by turn navigation right on your dashboard. Not sure how intelligent/usefull this feature will be specially if your car already equipped with a high tech dashboard would have GPS navigation.

Nevertheless, you get all the features such as traffic conditions, estimated travel time etc. The feature to consider here is that system will predict where you want to go by using your contacts, email and text messages.


CarPlay – Phone





Well the heading says it all. You will have the added capability of using your phone right from your dashboard. You can use the voice button on your steering wheel and simply use Siri to make calls as well. Again, no need to hold your iPhone and go through your contacts.


CarPlay – Messages





Siri can now read your messages to you, so you can concentrate more on driving instead of reading. Using Siri you will also be able to reply to any message you want as well. Might not be the most suitable feature when you are travelling with someone, because Siri will read your message to you.


CarPlay – Music





This would obviously be the most catch features among all. Even though not a huge fan of iOS, I personally do like the look and feel of the music player in iOS. You now get to experience that on your car’s dashboard. You could manually browse through or ask Siri to do the job for you instead. You will not be limited to the music player alone because of the added support for Beats Audio, Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and support for more apps coming later.



  • The obvious most if you do not own an iPhone 5 or above, you cannot experience CarPlay.
  • The second would be the regional differences. ( Still no word from Apple )
  • The biggest limitation of them all in my opinion would be cars. No ordinary car would be able to experience CarPlay. So you might have to consider buying a new car as well. Current car lineup includes Honda, Hyundai, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Volvo. More car support would be added in future.


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